Vaccination against yellow fever: benefit or harm

If you are going to visit the countries of Africa orSouth America, then you will have to undergo the appropriate vaccination, which will protect you from viral diseases. It does not matter why the trip is planned, it could be a business trip or an entertainment tour. Upon arrival in another climatic zone, we come across not only with the phenomenon of acclimatization, here we are waiting for microbes and viruses, with which our immune system has not yet met. One of the mandatory measures to combat tropical diseases is the vaccination against yellow fever.

Vaccination is designed to prepare our body formeeting with viral diseases. But is it so safe for us? After all, there are officially registered cases of death after such vaccination. How to properly assess the risk of travel and which season is the safest to visit countries located in the tropics.

yellow fever vaccination
Many countries require visitors to havecertificate, which indicates at what time you were vaccinated against yellow fever. A certificate is mandatory for all persons who visit endemic countries or regions, even if it is transit.

The expiration date of such certificate isten years, and the countdown of this time begins after ten days after vaccination. If you have been vaccinated repeatedly, during the specified period, the certificate is extended for another ten years. The time of counting also starts from the tenth day after the second vaccination.

calendar of preventive vaccinations
Such measures were caused by the need to prevent epidemics associated with tropical diseases.

The vaccination against yellow fever is effective one hundred percent and reliably protects your body from this deadly disease.

Immunity, familiar with the yellow fever virus, has time to develop antibodies that prevent the development of the disease.

According to statistics, the development of the disease leads to a fatal outcome in 60 percent of those who have not been vaccinated. Hence the need to vaccinate against yellow fever.

yellow fever vaccinations
However, vaccination can be dangerous for people who for some reason have weakened cellular immunity or have an allergy to egg white proteins, as well as individual vaccine intolerance.

In any case, there is a risk of developing the diseaseafter a yellow fever vaccination is made. After vaccination, fever and chills may occur. Symptoms of the disease soon pass, but from the moment of vaccination and until the certificate is obtained, it is necessary to observe the doctor.

Attempts to minimize the risk of contamination with personal hygiene methods or the time of visiting tropical countries can not give a full guarantee of safety.

Mandatory vaccination against yellow feveris included in the calendar of preventive vaccinations on the orders of the Ministry of Health of Russia. According to this, vaccinations can be given to children after seven months. Reinstitution is done in ten years. This order applies to persons leaving the country to dangerous areas or states.

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