Soup diet is an excellent solution in trying to lose weight!

Who among us now does not bother with losing weight? It seems that the entire female part of the world's population is worried about its weight and appearance all year round. Magazines and all kinds of websites on the Internet promote a variety of diets, with the help of which you can succeed and get closer to your dream - a harmonious body, elastic skin, perfect well-being.

Among all the diets that filled our minds,a lot of these, from which you will not lose weight. Rather, on the contrary - turn into a terrible, angry creature that does not want absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, it is difficult to convince everyone that a hunger strike is not the right food.

Perhaps this is why the soup diet is a success, because a hot liquid soup is so nice, and in the summer you can treat yourself and the cold - no less tasty!

There are several variations on the topic of suchdiet. For example, the Finnish soup diet. It is based on a ban on: bread, animal fats, salt, pasta and rice, canned food and smoked products, as well as from the diet will have to exclude all sweets.

However, to use are laid: any seafood and low-fat fish with meat, any vegetables and cereals such as pearl barley, oats, buckwheat. Fruit should be freely available, as well as natural fruit juices.

Observing such a regime as a soup diet, you need to drink about two liters of clean water daily, and also eat five times a day (three meals of which are soup).

Soup diets for Finns are quite interestingfood, because in the main it consists of a vegetable soup, in which: celery, onion and leeks, cabbage and carrots, carrots and all kinds of greens (parsley, tarragon, basil). The way of preparing such a dish is absolutely simple: all vegetables are cooked, rubbed in puree, poured with tomato juice and re-cooked.

Another option of such a system as soupdiet, is a seven-day diet according to this scheme: 1 day - vegetable soup and fruit, tea or coffee; 2 day - soup and only green vegetables; 3 day - soup, fruits and vegetables (only without potatoes!); 4 day - soup, fruits and vegetables (and bananas!); 5 day - vegetable soup, beef meat, tomatoes; 6 day - soup, beef, vegetables; 7 day - soup, rice with vegetables, fruit juice.

Here is such a simple diet, according to the creators of this diet, will lead you to the desired results.

There is also a wider diet of the previousoption - this diet is called "Bonn soup." However, the idea that all soup diets observe (there is vegetable soup whenever you want to eat), it remains the same.

Soup diet usually entails a loss of 5-10kg depending on the initial weight. In the event that for 7 days of such a diet you will be able to get rid of 8 kg or more - you need to make a two-day break. These days, of course, it is not necessary to make up for lost and eat up for three, otherwise the weight will constantly return. It is enough just to adhere to the proper nutrition, then again to return to the soup diet without much stress.

Pay special attention that soup diets are notadmit not a gram of alcohol! The same goes for sweet carbonated drinks - they simply fill the stomach with completely disgusting water with gases, which does not bring the body any benefit.

They say that if you really can not give up alcohol during the diet days, it's best to drink a glass of red dry wine. But only a glass!

As you managed to notice, the soup diet does not haveno relation to mono-diets, from which often there are only problems with the stomach. Food is diverse and not infringed in quantities. This diet is absolutely "not hungry" and significantly facilitates the process of digestion, speeding it up to normal.

Only you and your body know what kind of dietwill be ideal. However, it is not necessary to rush to extremes - to starve, to sit too long on a mono-diet, to refuse completely from something you love. Try a new diet under the pleasant name "Soup".

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