The medicine "Valedimin". Instructions for use

The medicine "Valedimin" instructions for usecharacterizes as a phyto-agent with a sedative effect. The composition of the medicament contains natural components. Means, in particular, contains tinctures of valerian (roots and rhizomes), hawthorn (fruits), peppermint (leaves). The preparation is in the form of drops for oral administration. The solution is a transparent yellowish-brown or greenish liquid and has a specific odor.

valemidine price instruction


The drug "Valemidin" is prescribed for patients with neuroses and neurodiscipulative dystonia according to the hypertonic type.


Do not administer medication to patients with severedisorders of kidney or liver, arterial hypotension. Means "Valedimin" instruction for use is not recommended for heart failure in the acute period, bradycardia, at the age of 18 years. Contraindicated treatment of pregnant and lactating women, patients with hypersensitivity. In case of need for treatment during lactation, the question of its cessation for the entire period of therapy should be resolved. The medication should be monitored by a specialist.


The medicine "Valedimin". Instructions. Price

Recommended for adults 3-4 times a dayfor 30-40 cap. Before reception, they are bred in water (in a small amount). Drink medicines before meals for half an hour. The duration of treatment with the drug "Valedimin" (instructions for use contains such information) on average from ten to fifteen days. If necessary, the specialist can recommend re-therapy, but not earlier than a month or one and a half. The cost of the drug in the pharmacy ranges from 110 rubles.

Side effects

Medication can induce dyspepsia, dryness inmouth (with too long admission). To the other negative consequences of treatment with the drug "Valemidin" the instruction for use includes allergic reactions (skin rashes, burning, dryness or irritation and reddening of the outer covers). As practice shows, the medicine is transferred satisfactorily. If side effects develop, discontinue therapy and consult a doctor.

valemidine instructions for use

additional information

When appointed in combination with medicines,which exert a depressing effect on the central nervous system (sedatives, neuroleptics, hypnotics, tranquilizers) is probably a mutual potentiation of activity. As part of the drug "Valeydin" (instruction warns about this) there is ethanol and diphenhydramine (diphenhydramine). These components affect the speed of the patient's psychomotor reactions. In this regard, during therapy, it is recommended to abstain from the management of transport and activities, coupled with the need to quickly focus attention. If the medication is ineffective, you should not change the regimen yourself (increase dosage or increase the number of meals per day). Before using the drug, you need to visit a specialist. Store the product in a dark, inaccessible to children, cool place. The medicine is suitable for three years.

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