What to do if a person has alcohol poisoning: first aid

Very often, especially in the New Year holidays,people are looking for information about what to do in case of alcohol poisoning. It should immediately be noted that intoxication in the abuse of alcoholic beverages is quite dangerous, since it negatively affects the entire body. In case of severe poisoning, in case of failure to provide urgent first aid, a fatal outcome may occur.

what to do in case of alcohol poisoning
What to do, if such a situation happened? If you or your friends have alcohol poisoning, first aid should be given as quickly as possible. First you need to understand the signs of a pathological condition. Among them it is necessary to distinguish such: strong excitement, weakness, nausea, convulsions, uncontrolled allocation of urine or feces, nonsense and vision. Sometimes the patient may lose consciousness and even a coma.

alcohol poisoning first aid
If your loved one has alcoholicpoisoning, first aid calls for calling an ambulance home. While doctors will get to you, try to lay the victim on the stomach. If there are vomit in the oral cavity, they must be removed immediately so that the person does not suffocate. In case of stopping breathing, try to independently carry out resuscitation. At the same time, make sure that your tongue does not fall into your throat.

If a person has an alcoholicpoisoning, first aid also provides for gastric lavage. This is done in order to get as little alcohol as possible into the blood. To do this, try to get the patient to drink a large enough amount of water, in which add a little baking soda. Further, the victim must be sure to induce vomiting, so that the stomach is cleared of alcohol. This procedure should be performed several times.

strong alcohol poisoning what to do
Alcohol poisoning, first aid in whichit is very important, it is possible to weaken with the help of a cleansing enema. For this, cold water with diluted vinegar or salt is used. Try not to let a person lose consciousness. For this, be sure to keep ammonia near him. If all procedures have already been carried out, give the victim a cup of strong coffee or tea. For rapid sobering in hot water, a couple of drops of ammonia should be added.

If a person has a strong alcoholicpoisoning, first aid involves the use of drugs to maintain the cardiovascular system (nitroglycerin, validol). All activities should be conducted in a warm room. In this case, the patient needs to be wrapped, laid on a soft mattress, and put ice on his forehead.

If a person has a very strong alcoholicpoisoning, what to do, tell the ambulance, who needs to call immediately to call the team of doctors. Further activities are already in the hospital. There, the blood is washed using droppers with saline solution. If necessary, the person is injected with other drugs that stimulate the body's cleansing and the work of all its systems. If the victim is too excited, delusional or sees hallucinations, then his hands and feet are better to fix so that he could not harm himself and others.

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