The drug "Ostenil". Instructions for use

The preparation "Ostenil" instruction describes howa remedy to restore the viscoelastic properties of the synovial fluid. The drug is produced in the form of a clear solution of highly purified native sodium gilauronate, obtained by bacterial fermentation. The product does not contain proteins of animal origin. As part of the drug "Ostenil" (the instruction indicates this) contains mannitol. This component prevents the destruction of free radicals of hyaluronic acid. This property determines the duration of the therapeutic effect.

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Hyaluronic acid has hypoallergenic propertiesproperties. Due to the optimally selected molecular weight, not only the recovery of viscoelastic properties in the synovial fluid takes place, but also the production of its own acid by the body. The antioxidant mannitol ensures the preservation of the therapeutic effect for half a year with a single injection.


The Ostenil medication is recommended whenchanges in the degenerative-dystrophic type in the knee, hip and other synovial joints, complicated by restriction in mobility and soreness.


Do not prescribe the drug for intolerance to any of the components, during pregnancy. Contra-indications include lactation and childhood.


Side effect

Means "Ostenil" (instruction warns aboutthis) can provoke secondary local phenomena after intraarticular injection. In particular, the undesirable consequences include a feeling of heat, tenderness, swelling, redness. To eliminate these reactions, it is recommended to apply within 5-10 minutes after the introduction of ice.

The drug "Ostenil". Instructions for use

The agent is administered intra-articularly. Injection is performed only by a doctor. The introduction is done once. According to the indications, repeated injections are possible after fourteen days. Simultaneous introduction into several joints is allowed. In the presence of effusion, it is removed from the joint cavity, provides rest and uses a corticosteroid or cold therapy. Two or three days after these procedures, the Ostenil preparation is administered.

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Instruction recommends injectionscarefully, to avoid damage or infection of the intra-articular cavity. The outer surface and the contents of the syringe with the medicine are sterile until the integrity of the closure system and packaging is breached. To protect against accidental opening, the syringe system includes a lid and a luer tip. Before the introduction, the lid is folded in different directions until the jumper is broken, and it is removed together with the cap. The necessary sterile needle is attached to the syringe and fixed. In the presence of air bubbles, they are released by pressing lightly on the piston.

Means "Ostenil". Instructions. Price. additional information

When injected, avoid penetrationmedicines into blood vessels or surrounding tissues. Injections are carried out only in the intra-articular cavity. With Bechterew's disease, the active stages of rheumatoid arthritis should not be used. The cost of medicine from 1250 r.

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