What is the normal temperature of a cat?

Cats are one of the most beloved pets,and their popularity is growing every year. Many happy owners of these wonderful animals are concerned with the question of what temperature in cats is normal, how to measure it, and in case of illness, reduce. About this and talk in the article.

cat's normal temperature

The normal temperature in a cat varies inrange from 38 to 39 degrees Celsius. These fluctuations in one degree directly depend on numerous factors, the dominant among which are the following: sex, age, degree of activity, time of day. It has been scientifically proven that an acceptable increase in temperature is observed in animals after physical activity, in the evening. For example, the normal temperature of a kitten is higher than that of an adult, about half a degree.

The normal temperature of a cat, as we see,significantly different from human. Therefore, do not panic if the thermometer readings confuse you. Most likely, your favorite fuzzy is healthy and full of energy.

You should know that the normal temperature of a cat- this is one of the main indicators that reflect the health of the animal. In the case of inflammatory and other diseases, this factor will tell whether the animal is healthy or sick. Therefore, for your own peace of mind, get an electronic thermometer in the pharmacy.

normal cat temperature

The temperature in cats is measured rectally. It is very important to fix the paws of the animal during the procedure. Need I say that no cat can safely transfer the temperature measurement? That is why it is better to carry out this process with assistants. Before entering the measuring thermometer in the rectum, it must be lubricated with petroleum jelly, and then lightly inserted in a shallow manner. After about 4 minutes, we will get the result. For a pet, it is advisable to have a separate thermometer, which should be treated with disinfectants after each use.

The normal temperature in a cat is the most importantan indicator of her health. Causes of an increase in body temperature of an animal can be associated with both infections and non-infectious causes. For example, with an overabundance of protein products in the body, accumulation of salts, reaction to medicines. The main signs, according to which the attentive cat owner suspects a rise in temperature, are the following: decrease in animal activity, rapid breathing, frequent pulse, dehydration.

temperature in cats

Of course, much fever in catsit is better to do this under the supervision of a veterinarian. However, the first help that you can give your pet at home is applying ice, copious drinking and wetting the wool.

Another deviation from the norm is a reducedthe temperature of the cat. The main cause is the overall hypothermia of the animal. Also, the lowered temperature can be caused by the development of diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular system, liver, kidneys. When the main symptoms, such as shivering, pallor, lethargy, are recommended, cover the animal with a blanket, give it a drink with warm water and contact a veterinarian.

Thus, the normal temperature of a cat is an invaluable treasure. Let your pets be healthy!

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