How to quickly whiten your teeth at home

Everyone dreams of snow-white teeth anda dazzling smile. But over time, there is a natural process of yellowing of the teeth. From this can not escape. Why is this happening? Yes, because the whiteness of the teeth gives the enamel, which eventually becomes thinner. Through this thin layer, the yellow inner substance of the teeth appears.

What to do in this situation? What to whiten your teeth?

It should be noted that are prone to yellowing, first of all, the teeth of sweet tooth, smoker, lovers of strong tea, coffee, etc.

Not everyone can afford regular trips to the dentist for the purpose of prevention. Of course, the question arises, how can one whiten your teeth?

Traditional medicine recommends: in order to remove the plaque on the teeth and whiten them, rub your teeth with a crust of lemon. You need to rub the white, that is, the inner side of the peel. You can rinse your teeth with lemon juice. For bleaching, baking soda, river sand, birch ashes and salt are also used. All this is available to everyone who wants.

For these purposes, you can buy toothpaste with whitening effect. She can cope with the newly emerging dark spots, but over old, old, will have to work hard.

How to quickly whiten your teeth at home?

There are many different ways to carry out this procedure. Let's stop briefly on some of them.

Attempts to whiten the toothpaste of visible results do not. This is, rather, a way to maintain whiteness. Therefore, it is not necessary to count on it.

Someone is trying to whiten his teeth with chewingerasers, after watching the obsessive advertising. But this is also unrealistic. The concentration of bleaching substances in them is very low. Therefore, do not wait for a dazzling radiance.

Many people who are thinking about how quicklywhiten your teeth at home, immediately remember about baking soda. It is safe for the body, and the effect of the application is obvious. If you do not tolerate the taste of soda, you can mix soda with toothpaste. But it is recommended to do this once a month. Otherwise, the enamel will be thinned.

In addition, for bleaching can be usedhydrogen peroxide. But it can burn too sensitive gums. Peroxide is recommended to rinse your teeth. You can simply wipe them with a cotton swab dipped in a solution of hydrogen peroxide. After using it, you will relax for a while and will not think about how to quickly whiten your teeth at home. Because the effect will be achieved, however, not immediately, but after a few weeks.

You can replace the toothpaste with activated charcoal for cleaning your teeth. But you should not abuse this. Coal is able to wash enamel. In the end, you will no longer be bleaching.

There is another effective, but not entirely comfortable way - it's a kappa with a whitening gel.

How to quickly whiten your teeth at home using a kappa?

Fast unlikely to succeed. The process will take several weeks. To begin with, you need to order a kappa in the clinic according to an individual prescription. It is a plate that covers the teeth from all sides. In a special form, add a gel with a whitening effect, put on the teeth. You need to wear it for several hours a day, you can wear it before going to bed, at night. Do not need to engage in amateur activities and wear a kappa longer than it is supposed to. The result can be deplorable. It is best to follow the doctor's recommendations.

But there are cases when teeth whiteningit is contraindicated. Those who suffer from periodontal disease, caries, wear braces, crowns, should refrain from such a procedure, so as not to cause additional harm to their already injured teeth.

But if the bleaching process didplace and passed successfully, then you need to adhere to some rules in order to maintain whiteness as long as possible. If you are a lover of drinks that stain your teeth, then after using them you need to rinse your mouth. But one correct care will be few. After a while, the whiteness will gradually disappear.

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