Insecto-acaricidal drug "Butoks": instructions for use

butox instructions
The preparation "Butoks" the instruction, going in the complete set,characterizes as an insect-acaricidal agent, made on the basis of a synthetic pyrethroid. Used this medicine in the field of veterinary medicine for the control of various ectoparasites. This drug has a rather large spectrum of action and is active against pathogenic microorganisms such as cowhides, scabies, ixodids and chicken mites, bedbugs, flies, nests, fleas, lice and hair. At the same time, using Butoks insecto-acaricidal agent (the instruction to it confirms it) in the concentrations and doses recommended by the manufacturer does not have any allergenic or local irritant effect. This antiparasitic drug is toxic to fish and bees and is moderately toxic to warm-blooded animals.

Butoks instructions for use
Issued insect-acaricidal agent "Butoks"(the instruction is in each package) in the form of an oil liquid of light yellow hue, which has a specific smell and is well emulsified in water. As the main component in the composition of this drug is deltamethrin. The given 5% concentrate is packaged, as a rule, either in polyethylene flasks with a volume of one or five liters, or in metal cans of twenty-five liters. In this case, use the antiparasitic drug "Butox" instruction for use recommends in the form of a water-diluted emulsion by bathing or spraying.

Working emulsion of this insect-acaricidalpreparations must be prepared immediately before application. With medical purpose animals are sprayed with the resulting composition twice with an interval of seven to ten days. As a prophylactic drug "Butoks" in ampoules instruction advises to use once. In the season of parasitizing mites, the manufacturer recommends the use of this insect-acaricidal emulsion only once a week. At the same time, this procedure should be followed at the end of the daytime rest of animals or before the pasture on agricultural land.

Butox in ampoules
Separately, it is necessary to say about measuresprecautions when working with the antiparasitic drug Butoks. The instruction, for example, emphasizes the special attention to the inadmissibility of getting the insect-acaricidal emulsion into the nose, eyes or mouth of the animal. Also, do not use any shampoos three days before and after the treatment. In addition, only freshly prepared mortar may be used. And finally, after completing all the necessary procedures using the insect-acaricidal drug "Butox", you should thoroughly wash your hands with a cleanser.

As for the main contraindications toapplication of this antiparasitic concentrate, here, in the first place, it is necessary to highlight the sensitivity of the animal to deltametrine. Also this insect-acaricidal drug is not used in case of weakened immunity. In addition, the agent "Butoks" is not recommended for use in sick animals.

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