Chocolate diet: reviews and reality

Many people dream of losing weight. Someone for complete happiness needs to throw off just a couple of kilograms. For others, the issue of diet and weight reduction becomes vital, because because of excess weight, health is severely affected. And, of course, everyone knows that the easiest way to start losing weight, if for a very long time to persevere and carefully follow a diet. There are power regimes very much. Despite the popularity enjoyed by the chocolate diet, reviews about it are by no means always rosy.

chocolate diet reviews

To lose weight was successful, in the dietit is necessary to observe some pretty important rules. First of all, you need to take into account the received and spent calories. Whatever the next diet promised for rapid weight loss, the law of counting calories can not escape. And in the case of "chocolate food" the situation turns out to be sad. Lose weight on it should be this: a whole week, or even more, you need to eat a day only one tile of chocolate, dividing it into as many meals as possible. You can drink with coffee, tea, just water. It turns out that the body receives a lot of calories and a significant load on the pancreas, stomach, and the entire digestive tract.

Energy balance is very important for humans. And the weight will go away only when energy is spent more than consumed. Only physical activity, any kind of exercise, sports, walks will help here. In general, anything that makes you move and spend the energy you get. The choice in this area is huge: it can be dancing, yoga, active sports like tennis, skis, bicycles and rollerblading, or just walking in the park. The main thing is to win your own laziness and convince yourself, and then the whole world, that has sunk and persistence enough to achieve the desired goal, that is, a beautiful figure and good health.

diet for fast growing thin

Even the most effective diet in the world does not help,if the allowed foods are eaten by kilograms. Hence the second rule of compliance with any diet: portions should be small. It is usually advised to put as much food on the plate as you want to eat, and then put half back and eat what's left. Or you can take advantage of a little trick and buy a nice little plate specially for yourself. Then pile on her elephant portion simply does not work. In this regard, the chocolate diet promises a lot, reviews about which sometimes tempted fans to lose weight quickly, deliciously and effortlessly. But do not build illusions - nothing is easy, and even an ideal figure - even more so. Fans of the chocolate diet, of course, say that there is nothing better in the world. After all, you can eat only any sweet delicacy, although somewhat infringing on the size of portions. And at the same time and arrange a constant stress to the body. Despite the fact that the chocolate diet coincides with the daily routine of many active slimming women who feed on snatches eternally, it is worthwhile to think three times before starting this adventure.

Some particularly fanatical girls sometimes doa serious mistake: they cease to treat food as a necessary source of nutrition, which can be beautiful, tasty and useful, even sometimes a work of art. They only perceive food in the form of calories. The counter does not stop. Instead of a delicious ice cream ladies eat three hundred kilocalories, and instead of a piece of chocolate - five hundred. By the way, this is what attracts the chocolate diet. Reviews, however, make one doubt that someone really lost weight with her help. As soon as losing weight stops limiting itself in nutrition and live on a single chocolate bar per day, the body begins to catch up quickly with all the loss and actively grow fat.

the most effective diet in the world

Yes, it's worth to watch what getson a plate, and avoid excess, fatty, roast, sweet, smoked, very salty, floury. But it is worth remembering that food is sometimes a pleasure. After all, it is very pleasant to sit in a cafe with friends over a cup of fragrant mocha with a pinch of cinnamon and a lot of cream or make a cheese fondue. Simply you need to treat food more easily and not turn it into torture, but to be wiser and appreciate all the little joys of life. Perhaps, from these standpoints, the chocolate diet is also quite good. Comments, to all appearances, are left by passionate fans of this tasty treat, who are ready to live on chocolate alone.

So, an adequate and moderate approach to foodwill help to balance nutrition. Well, in order to reduce weight for a long time and consolidate the results, you will have to resort to the only existing solution - physical exercises.

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