The preparation "Spironolactone". Instructions for use

The drug "Spironolactone" - potassium andmagnesium-saving diuretic. Therapeutic effectiveness of the remedy is noted on the second - fifth day of admission. The drug is good absorbability (absorbed by 90%). Metabolism of the drug occurs in the liver, excretion - through the kidneys and with bile (in an insignificant amount).

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Means "Spironolactone". Instructions for use: indications

The medication is prescribed in the secondaryhyperaldosteronism on the soil of cirrhosis, complicated by edema and ascites, with nephrotic syndrome. The medicine is indicated for essential hypertension (in complex treatment), hypomagnesemia and hypokalemia (as an auxiliary for prophylaxis against therapy and with the inability to use other medications to adjust the potassium level). The drug is prescribed for oedematous syndrome, triggered by cardiac failure of the chronic course. In this case, the agent can be used for monotherapy or in complex treatment. Medication is prescribed with hyperaldosteronism and for a short reception before the operation.

The medicine "Spironolactone". Instructions for use

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In the case of essential hypertension, a single adultprescribe 50-100 mg each. It is allowed to increase the dose to 200 mg. The dosage is increased every fourteen days. To obtain a therapeutic effect, the medication is taken for at least two weeks. In accordance with the state, the reception circuit is corrected. With idiopathic hyperaldosteronism, the dosage is 100-400 mg per day. With hypokalemia and hypomagnesemia, the preparation "Spironolactone" recommends the use of the instruction for 25-100 mg once or several times a day. A day should not drink more than 400 mg. Against the background of hyperaldosteronism and hypokalemia of the marked course, 300 mg 2-3 times / day are prescribed. When the condition is eased, the dosage is reduced to 25 mg / day. The course of preoperative therapy is carried out, appointing 400 mg for four days. In the absence of indications for intervention, maintenance treatment is recommended in the lowest therapeutically effective dosage. The reception scheme in this case is established personally. In the treatment of edema, provoked by nephrotic syndrome, 100-200 mg is prescribed.

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The preparation "Spironolactone". Directions for use: adverse reactions

The medicine can provoke diarrhea,megaloblastic, intestinal colic, abdominal pain, alkalosis or acidosis, dizziness, bleeding and ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract, hyperuricemia. On the basis of treatment, there may be an increase in the level of urea, hypercreatinemia, lethargy, drowsiness, headache. When taking the medication, thrombocytopenia, gynecomastia (against a background of prolonged therapy) may occur. At men at reception of a medicine "Spironolactone" (responses confirm it) probably infringement of an erection. In women, metrorrhagia is possible during menopause, coarsening of the voice, carcinoma and tenderness in the mammary glands, dysmenorrhea. To the negative consequences include allergy, itching, rashes, muscle spasms - this is indicated by the instruction on application attached to the preparation "Spironolactone". The price of the medicine is about 100 rubles.

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