Liquid spray for wounds - we save ourselves from scratches!

A liquid spray for wounds is especially useful in the summer,When children and adults get scratches and scratches during summer active activities. Riding a bicycle or working in the country, playing in the playground or just spending time on a picnic, you always risk getting a cut or a minor injury. Especially this risk is increased for young children who constantly rip their knees, palms and noses with chins while they are studying the world.

Rapidly handle a scratch or abrasion will helpa spray for wounds that creates a "breathing" film on the surface of the skin and has a disinfecting effect in the affected area as early as 60 seconds after application. This spray is good for conducting primary and primary-delayed antiseptic treatment of small wounds, cuts, abrasions, insect bites, and thermal and sunburn.

liquid spray for wounds

A liquid spray for wounds has many advantages:

  • convenient application, which does not need to touch the affected area of ​​the skin (which is especially appreciated by young children);
  • Spray-glue leaves no residue on clothing and skin, unlike the usual greens, iodine and various fatty creams;
  • the remedy is contained, as a rule, in small convenient flacons that can be taken with you wherever you go;
  • Before applying the spray, the wound should not be rinsed with water if there is no such possibility;
  • Most sprays for wounds kill very many harmful microbes, including streptococci, staphylococci, various kinds of fungi.

spray for wounds

How to use a liquid spray for wounds correctly

As a rule, the agent is applied to the affectedskin area at a distance of 10-15cm. At the same time, a protective film is formed on the wound, which prevents dangerous bacteria from reaching the soft tissues. Be sure to let the spray dry to avoid sterility impairment. Usually, such remedies can be applied to the wound unlimited number of times per day, if there is such a need. The activity of medicinal substances is preserved even if there is blood or pus in the damaged area.

A liquid spray for wounds is an indispensable assistant inFirst aid kit for each family due to its convenience and ease of use. By the way, disinfecting substances in the composition of such sprays are usually more active than the iodine and zelenok stuffed with bitterness.

The most popular sprays for wounds presented in pharmacies have similar properties, and you can choose for yourself any option you like. For example, a spray of "Ambulance", which contains natural extracts of bisabolol, arnica and calendula, as well as essential oil of tea tree, d-panthenol and chlorhexidine.

Spray Adhesive

Still there is an excellent liquid spray Dettol, represented by a well-known European brand inhand hygiene and antiseptic treatment. The active substance is benzalkonium chloride, which affects many types of bacteria and fungi. Spray is not recommended for children up to 3 years, as well as people with individual intolerance to the components.

Ask in the pharmacy with a pharmacist and pick up a suitable spray for your wounds so that it will always be with you to protect you and your children.

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