Protein-vegetable diet as the easiest way to lose weight

Protein-vegetable diet is considered one of the mostsimple and effective ways to lose weight. The name speaks for itself: without superfluous explanations it is clear that it is based on the alternation and consumption of low-calorie vegetables and protein products. But not everything is as simple as it seems. Even this type of food has its own rules and limitations, which we'll talk about.

protein-vegetable diet

Protein-vegetable diet: principles and diet

So, a low-calorie protein-vegetable diet is veryeffective: weight loss for 2 weeks can be about 5-6 kg, plus - very easy due to its satiety and variety of products. But like any other type of food, contributing to the loss of excess weight, it has its own rules and limitations:

  • first of all it is necessary to limit the use of salt, but it is better to exclude it altogether from the diet for the time of a change in diet (at least the first two weeks);
  • you need to play sports, because losing weight will be due to loss of body excess fluid and muscle mass. In addition, physical activity will contribute to the burning of fat deposits;
  • it is necessary to completely exclude from the diet bakery and confectionery, potatoes and any kind of oil. Also it is necessary to limit the use of high-calorie bananas and grapes;
  • the last meal (dinner or evening snack) should be no later than 4 hours before bedtime;
  • Do not drink at least 2 liters of liquid a day.

protein-vegetable diet reviews
If we talk about limitations, it's worthit is necessary to note that the protein-vegetable diet is absolutely not like people with kidney diseases. Also, it is worth to abandon those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract and heart.

What can you eat?

The protein-vegetable diet does not require you to titanic efforts due to the fact that it has a fairly diverse and tasty diet. So, in food you can and should use the following types of products:

  • Meat any, but it is better, of course, to give preference to the bird, rabbit and lean beef.
  • Any kind of fish. Ideally, it should be stewed, baked or cooked. Any seafood is also acceptable.
  • Vegetables (except potatoes). Ideal for cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes, zucchini and Bulgarian pepper.
  • Of fruits, it is better if you choose and love the grapefruit, but you can eat apples, and any citrus fruits.
  • Eggs are mandatory.
  • Sour-milk products (kefir, cottage cheese, milk) of the minimum fat content, and it is better and at all fat-free.

Protein and vegetable diet. Reviews experienced

protein-vegetable diet
As mentioned above, a non-carbohydrate anda low-calorie diet based on vegetables and protein foods, is easily tolerated. And if you believe the reviews of those who sat on it for a while, it is very effective. However, do not forget that, no matter how varied your diet is, even if you feel satiety throughout the day, any diet implies the use of multivitamin complexes.

I want to say that, despite its ease and minimum of restrictions, the protein-vegetable diet can not last more than 4 months and definitely such a type of food can not be permanent.

And, of course, after a couple of months of observing this type of food, you can afford small pleasures in the form of several cubes of dark bitter chocolate (the content of cocoa is not less than 70%).

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