Licorice root - contraindications and use

Eastern medicine more than 5000 years ago sawa panacea for a large number of licorice root diseases. Contraindications to it, too, were identified even then. But still thick volumes are written about its medicinal properties.

The root of licorice, the harm of which is not proven,is something like some hormone drug with plant origin. It promotes optimal normalization in water-salt metabolism in the body. It has long been believed that this root contributes to the effective rejuvenation of the body.

The most remarkable property of licorice root -the ability to strengthen the already existing healing actions of other herbs that are included in the medicinal collection. This quality determined so wide its use in folk medicine.

Licorice operates on the principle of a complexvasoprotectors. It has many leukoanthocyanins, tannins, phenolic carboxylic acids. The main object for the treatment of licorice are broncho-pulmonary diseases.

Licorice is a rather powerful expectorant. It is very effective when it's just starting coughing. Licorice root sharply increases the volume of excreted mucus. But the mucus in the lungs is the main and fast evacuator of microbes.

Licorice root (contraindications are not great)is filled with mineralocorticoids - substances that participate in the regulation of the natural water-salt balance. In turn, they refer to corticoids - steroid hormones.

This root actively promotes the stimulation of protective forces in the body. It is indicated with a severe dry cough, when the cough itself should not be removed, but on the contrary strengthened.


- Has an enveloping, expectorant, softening effect during respiratory diseases.

- Helps in the prevention and treatment of conditions, which are associated with the oppression of clear CNS activity in childhood.

- Disease of the respiratory tract (pulmonary and severe bronchial pneumonia, bronchitis, whooping cough).

- Strengthens the protective natural forces of the body - the immune and endocrine systems.

- Chronic gastritis, ulcer of duodenum and stomach.

- Skin diseases (eczema, allergic dermatitis, psoriasis).

- Has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory effect.

- Improves the quality of the existing mucus that covers the walls of the stomach.

- Chronic colitis with inclinations to constipation.

- Chronic and acute pyelonephritis.

- Diabetes mellitus.

- Regulates water-salt exchanges.

- Radiation contamination.

- It is used as a powerful antidepressant.

- Poisoning.

Licorice root: contraindications

People who have problems with high blood pressure and such disorders that can cause stagnation of fluid in the body, regularly use licorice root should not.

Do not also take it to suffer from kidney, heart or liver disease. People with a small level in the blood of potassium and diabetes, too, should not consume the root of licorice.

And with glaucoma, you need to apply licorice with great care.

People with impaired estrogen levels(fibrocystic mastopathy, uterine cancer, breast cancer) must avoid the licorice root, because it stimulates the active transformation of testosterone into estrogen.

Men who suffer from infertility or erectile dysfunction should not take this medication, as the licorice root lowers the level of testosterone required.

Pregnant women, as well as nursing women, should avoid licorice root through possible side effects.

Those who use oral contraceptives should discuss taking licorice with a doctor to avoid possible side effects.

Licorice root (syrup) application

The licorice root is used as:

1. Expectorant

2. Immunostimulating agent

3. Anti-inflammatory agent

4. Spasmolytic agent

5. Antiviral agent

6. Regenerating agent

So, the root of licorice (there are contraindications) has many useful properties. Your health can improve with the use of this remedy.

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