Prick in the ass: how to make an intramuscular injection

We all do not like to be sick, and even more - to be treated,especially when it comes to injections. But to know how to correctly inject into the buttocks is useful for everyone. And the first thing you need is a special syringe with a long needle. The muscle should not be injected with short needles that are intended for intravenous or subcutaneous administration of the drug.

Prick in the ass: choose a place and position for intramuscular injection

It is very important not to make a mistake by choosing a place for a puncturein the muscle, otherwise the sciatic nerve can be damaged, which is associated with serious complications. Mentally divide one of the patient's buttocks into four parts. The upper quarter, which is located on the edge, is the right place for intramuscular injection. If you are going to inject for the first time in your life, you can even "mark out" the buttock with a cotton swab dipped in green or iodine.

The injections in the fifth point are recommended to be done inlying position of the patient, because then all muscles are relaxed, which will make the injection minimal painful. In standing position, besides, there is a risk of breaking a needle from a syringe, if a person suddenly abruptly (from surprise or pain) cuts the muscle.

Prick in the ass: a sequence of actions

1. Wash well with soap and water.

2. Take the necessary ampoule, shake it a little, gently click your fingertip over its tip, so that no medicine remains in it. Dampen the cotton wool with alcohol and wipe the tip of the ampoule.

3. A cartridge for ampoules (as a rule, it is completed with any drug for injections) and, pushing a couple of times, draw the tip of the ampoule. After that, he should break off easily and smoothly (without splinters).

4. Remove the syringe from the sterile package. Put a needle on the syringe right in the cap.

5. Remove the cap from the needle, type from the ampoule in the syringe the necessary dose of the medicine.

6. Holding the syringe in a vertical position (needle up), tap with a fingernail on it, so that all air bubbles rise up. Then the air must be discharged from the syringe, gently pressing the piston until the droplets of the medicine appear on the tip of the needle.

7. Cover the needle with the cap.

8. Place the injection site with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

9. Slightly stretch or squeeze the skin at the site of the injection, which will reduce painful sensations. But it is not necessary to do this either.

10. Stick the needle with a sharp movement in the skin for almost its entire length. If you enter the needle not at full length, then it may not reach the muscle, and the medicine will be injected under the skin, which subsequently leads to inflammation.

11. Slowly (if the medication does not require another type), enter the contents of the syringe.

12. Sharply remove the needle from the buttocks and press the pricked place with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

How to make a shot intramuscularly to yourself (the process features)

Do an injection yourself, especially in aA difficult place, like a buttock, many may seem too complicated. It's not like that at all. The main thing here is to choose a comfortable position for yourself. Some believe that it is much easier in this situation to just inject into the arm or thigh (both there and there, too, have muscles). However, muscle mass on the arm may not be enough, and an injection into the thigh often leads to the fact that then it begins to unpleasantly "pull" the leg.

Of course, if you have already done a lot of injections in the assother people, then it will not be difficult for you to make a prick yourself in a prone position. But beginners need a mirror. Start taking in front of the mirror different poses: lying on the left or right side, standing half a turn, turning either to the right or to the left.

After the injection pose is selected inbuttock and typed in a syringe medicine, you need a special way to grab the instrument itself for the injection. To do this, take the syringe into your working hand and remove the cap from the needle. With the other hand, grab a large enough fold of the skin, in the outer upper quarter of the buttock. The resulting skin roller is the place for the injection. Pull the syringe perpendicular to it and with a sharp movement enter the needle (you can take a deep breath). Relax and, holding the syringe, like a ballpoint pen (ie, holding the needle behind its base), inject the medication slowly. After the drug is injected, abruptly remove the needle and press and massage the punctured site in advance prepared with cotton wool with alcohol.

In principle, an injection in the ass is not so difficult,even if you are very far from medicine. If you are still overcome by fear, you can first practice (so to speak, "fill your hand") on your favorite pillow or a big plush toy.

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