"Licorice root" (syrup) is an effective cough remedy

In nature, many useful plants, of whichproduce effective drugs for the treatment of various diseases. On the basis of vegetable raw materials, liquid preparations for cough are widely used in medical practice today. For example, the root of licorice is processed into medicine. The syrup, prepared from the rhizome, has a good therapeutic effect.

"Licorice root" (syrup). Structure of the preparation

Cough syrup is rich in useful substances. At the root of the plant contains many flavonoid compounds: flavonoids, chalcones, their isoforms. In addition, there are polysaccharides, essential oils, glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhizic acid. The 100 gram bottle contains the following components: sugar syrup (86 g), licorice root extract (4 g), ethyl alcohol 96% (86 g).

"Licorice root" (syrup) entered the linemodern herbal remedies for effective therapeutic action. Due to the components of the composition, the drug is often prescribed with a protracted cough symptom.

Medicinal product "Licorice root" (syrup). Instructions

The preparation is a liquid of brown colorDense consistency, having a specific smell, sweet taste. Syrup has regenerating, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antiviral properties. In addition, the "Licorice Root" medicine cures well and strengthens the immune system. The drug suppresses staphylococci, mycobacteria, pathogenic microorganisms. Also, the drug also fights against tumor cells.

Indication for the use of the drug "Licorice root" (syrup)

Syrup based on licorice root is used for the following diseases:

- bronchitis of acute and chronic degree,

- atelectasis,

- pneumonia,

- tracheitis,

- gastritis,

- bronchial asthma,

- stomach ulcer (except for the stage of exacerbation),

- dry and wet cough.

Contraindications to admission

Syrup is not prescribed for peptic ulcer diseaseand gastritis in the stages of exacerbation, special sensitivity to the components of the composition, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is also contraindicated to apply the drug to people with diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma. In the event that medical evidence requires the use of a remedy, the verdict can be made only by a doctor. He analyzes the degree of the disease, the attendant ailments and makes the appropriate decision about the appointment of a syrup from the licorice root.

Side effects of the medicine include:

- allergic manifestations,

- increased blood pressure,

- swelling (with prolonged use).

Methods of receiving the drug

The therapeutic effect depends on the correct dosagepreparation. It is taken three times a day. Adults show one dessert spoon of syrup, diluted in boiled water (½ cup portion). Children aged over 12 years are assigned one teaspoon of the drug, dissolved in ¼ of a glass of boiled water. Children from 2 to 12 years can take half a teaspoon of medicine, diluted in ¼ of a glass of boiled water. Babies under 2 years are allowed 2 drops of funds. It should be planted in a dessert spoon of boiled water.

The duration of treatment with the drug varies from 7 to 10 days. With special care, syrup should be given to children. Do not forget that the medicine contains in its composition, ethyl alcohol, 96%.

In addition to consulting a reception specialistpreparation, you should carefully read the attached annotation. Self-medication and uncontrolled use of medical devices cause irreparable damage to human health. Therefore, with any discomfort, you can not postpone the visit to the doctor. Only a qualified specialist is able to establish the correct diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment.

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