Useful properties of papaya - for beauty and health

The native land of papaya is southern Mexico, it is known stillsince the time of the Aztecs, so this is an ancient culture. This plant grows in Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia, looks like a melon. It has excellent taste properties, despite the fact that this fruit is sweet, it contains very few calories.

useful properties of papaya

What it consists of

The composition of the fruit includes many elements of the periodic table, in addition, the fruits contain almost all known vitamins.

Application of papaya fruit

The fruit of papaya, whose properties are still ancientpeople have identified as priceless, and today finds application in medicine, including in dentistry, in cosmetology. Papaya is indispensable for people who have problems with the digestive system, it helps to cleanse the intestines, while giving the body strength and vivacity. Useful properties of papaya are actively used for the normalization of liver function, in diabetes mellitus - to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood. Also, the fruits of this plant help to cope with colitis, duodenal ulcer, bronchial asthma. Enzymes contained in them, have a beneficial effect on the stomach and neutralize the increased acidity, so it is useful to eat papaya with suffering gastritis, heartburn or hernia.

papaya properties
Due to the fact that the fruit contains manyvitamins, minerals and salts, it should be consumed by pregnant women, and in the mashed form - to children in the infant period. As a tonic, the useful properties of papaya are used for adolescents. In some countries, unripe fruits are used by women as contraceptives. Pharmacists also found wide application to this fruit. Of the fruits, preparations are made with the help of which dentists successfully treat tooth decay, gum disease. To treat herpes, ointments are made from fruit pulp. Useful properties of papaya in medicinal preparations for the treatment of thromboses, bedsores, hard-healing wounds are used. To heal an eczema, dried milky juice extracted from crusts of unripe fruit is used.

use of papaya

Application of leaves, seeds and papaya juice

No less than fruits, they possess useful propertiesleaves, juice and even fruit seeds. In many African countries, papaya leaves are applied to festering sores, and wounds heal quickly. Seeds of fruits in Mexico are widely used as a means to lose weight, as well as a helminthic agent. Papaya juice is not only tasty, but also useful. With large burns or insect bites, it helps to relieve pain. Still papaya juice is widely used in the treatment of diseases of the spine. To date, there is evidence that the juice of unripe papaya fruits can help with the treatment of such terrible diseases as AIDS and cancer.

Benefits of papaya in cosmetology

In the cosmetic industry, useful propertiesPapaya is also widely used. On the basis of this fruit, various scrubs and other preparations are prepared, which help to exfoliate the horny skin. Papaya is used to remove freckles and to remove excess hair. From the seeds of papaya fruits, oil is extracted, on the basis of which beautiful face creams are made, which nourish, moisturize and protect the skin from aging.

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