Veins on the penis - norm and pathology

Swollen veins on the penis - a disease,related to phlebology in the field of medicine. It manifests itself in many men. This disease is treated, but its causes are first established. Today's medicine is quite developed and successfully copes with such problems. The main thing is not to start the situation and turn to a specialist in time. Often much depends on this.


The penis has multiple veins. There are more than arteries. The veins can be deep and shallow. They are intertwined with each other. Deep veins are located under the connective membrane covering the muscles of the penis, and begin at the head. Then pass through the spongy bodies and flow into the plexus of veins, located in the prostate gland. The veins on the penis contribute to an outflow of blood, involved in erection and saturated with the products of life and carbon dioxide.

veins on the penis

Norm for veins on a penis

Veins on a healthy penis are almost invisible. They swell only during the appearance of an erection. At the same time, they expand and become sufficiently noticeable. But this condition of the veins is normal if they do not exceed four millimeters in diameter. In normal condition, they do not stand out on the penis and look like small blue veins.

Veins on the penis should be the same throughoutlength, have a homogeneous blue hue. When feeling the penis, there should be no seals, and touching the hands can not be painful or cause unpleasant sensations. The most prominent vein is the dorsal, located at the top of the penis.


Causes of expressed veins on the penis

Why is the vein swollen on the penis? Specialists note that there are a number of reasons for this:

  • Pre-injury of the penis or other injuries;
  • tumors;
  • prolonged compression on the veins due to overexcitation of the bladder;
  • operations performed on a small pelvis;
  • thrombocyte disruption of blood clotting;
  • postinfection complications (sexual infections);
  • blood clots in the vessels;
  • the vein can have very thin septa, the damage of which leads to the expansion of the vessels and the appearance of seals - thrombi. They are well palpated and visible even to the naked eye.
  • frequent attempts to delay ejaculation or prolonging an erection.
    veins on the penis

All listed reasons have on veinsa huge load, as a result of which there is varicose enlargement. Therefore, men who have encountered at least one point are already at risk. But this does not mean that the disease will manifest itself. Much depends on timely treatment, observance of personal hygiene and preventive measures.

Varicose veins on the penis

Varicose veins of penis in many casesis due to frequent masturbation. If this process is repeated several times a day, the venous blood stagnates for a long time in the penis and in the pelvic organs. The otoca does not occur. So, in the blood all the products of the vital activity of bacteria and cells are preserved, which leads to inflammatory processes. Varicose veins of the penis may occur due to:

  • injuries;
  • transferred venereal diseases;
  • clots in the blood vessels;
  • attempts to delay the moment of orgasm;
  • any tricks aimed at prolonging the erection.

penis enlargement

Signs of varicose veins

Often thrombosed is the vein on the head of the penis. Because of this, the pressure in the blood vessels rises. Varicose veins on the penis are recognized by several symptoms:

  • Under the peel of the penis, dense venous nodules are formed, causing inconvenience. They appear in a calm and erect state.
  • There is a sharp hardening and swelling of the veins. The penis starts to hurt.
  • The skin of the penis changes its color and can have any color range - from pink to bard.
  • With sexual activity tingling occurs, because of which it is impossible to touch the penis.
  • The veins swell and become firm, brightly outlined, resembling tendons. There is swelling. Sometimes only the affected area.
    the vein on the penis was swollen

What is dangerous varicose veins on the penis?

The greatest danger of varicose veins on the penis is notis. But this disease can lead to the development of trophic ulcers or thrombosis, because of which the outflow of blood can stop from the genitals. In this case, the unpleasant appearance of the penis and painful sensations cause sexual disorders, and sometimes a complete loss of erectile function. In addition, swollen veins on the penis can easily burst, because of which there will be a subcutaneous hematoma and possibly even a bleeding.


Put the correct diagnosis to a specialist notwill be labor. The stage of the disease is determined by the number of swollen veins and their size. Sometimes a procedure for dopplerography is required. Due to it, internal bleeding is excluded or the ability of blood vessels to flow is determined. Sometimes thrombosis is secretive, but it also prevents a normal outflow of blood. The delivery of tests during the diagnosis is not required.

How to treat varicose veins?

At the first sign of varicose veinsconsult a doctor. If the disease is in its early stages, then it can be cured quickly and easily with the help of anti-inflammatory and non-steroid medications that relieve pain and inflammation. And also used anticoagulants. When blurred veins on the penis, to reduce pain, you can take analgesics (or do injections). With a strong swelling of the vein, a dressing is applied to it (ligation).

vein on the head of the penis

Also, doctors advise to temporarily refrain fromsexual acts. If the case is started, then surgical intervention is required. Sometimes this is the necessary and only method of treatment, when the conservative does not give results. Especially if the disease begins to progress. In this case, the patient may fall into a depressed state, which also has a negative effect on men's health.


Men should follow preventive measures notOnly when they already faced with the expansion of veins, but also before the onset of the disease. This helps him to prevent and, accordingly, does not allow to develop. As a result, problems related to sexual activity and stressful situations are prevented. To do this, do not use any anesthetics that can prolong the time of sexual intercourse. And also do not engage in frequent masturbation.

With any problems with the genitourinary systemshould consult a doctor. Self-medication can not be done. In addition, men need to undergo scheduled examinations twice a year from a urologist. This will help to identify hidden diseases at an early stage and prevent their development.

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