Cream for narrowing the vagina: reviews of doctors

In the article we suggest to get acquainted with the mostpopular creams for narrowing the vagina. In addition, briefly sanctify the issue of the reasons for its expansion and recovery. Pharmacies, online stores, adult stores are places where you can purchase remedies.

cream for narrowing the vagina

Many women are ashamed to buy money inpharmacy or sex shop, prefer online shopping. Should be the most attentive, now there is just a lot of scammers who take money, but the goods, unfortunately, never come. Very carefully read the composition, pay attention to reviews not only about a particular drug, but also about the store as a whole. Of course, the best option for buying funds for narrowing the vagina is the pharmacy. Do not forget to consult on this issue with your gynecologist.

Why does the vagina expand?

cream gel for narrowing the vagina

Creams for narrowing the vagina, reviews about whichnumerous and mostly positive, help get rid of the problem. If the sexual life has ceased to give pleasure to you and your partner, then to maintain a good relationship you need to consult your gynecologist. He will be able to pick you a drug to narrow the vagina. Before we disassemble the most popular tools, we will give some attention to the reasons for this phenomenon.

Before buying expensive means, it is necessary to understand the cause of the phenomenon. The most common of them are:

  • diseases of the reproductive system, which often affect the elasticity of muscles;
  • sudden and sharp decrease in body weight (provided that you do not observe any diet and do not engage in the gym);
  • childbirth (during the birth process, ruptures and suturing are possible, as a result, large scars can form, the latter, in turn, lead to deformation and muscle tone disruption);
  • Features of the structure that each individual has.

To solve this problem is not necessarygo to a plastic surgeon. In most cases, you can correct the situation by other means. It can be gels, creams, lubricants, candles, sticks and even tablets. Some have a lasting effect, others must be used regularly to achieve the desired result.

Quality of intimate life

cream for narrowing the vagina отзывы

Why quality sex is necessary for people? This is one of the most important conditions for a woman's good emotional state and sexual health. Low-quality sexual contact can lead to chronic dissatisfaction, which often leads to a break in the relationship.

If the vaginal muscles lose elasticity, thenThe acuity of sensations during contact is noticeably damped. After that, sex becomes a "conjugal duty", which does not please either a man or a woman. There are many different techniques that help restore the former size of the vagina without surgical intervention. In this article, we will focus on creams, gels and lubricants. Many women ask the question: "Cream for narrowing the vagina helps or not?" This question can not be answered accurately. Everything depends on the cause of this phenomenon. If this is your physiological feature, you will have to work hard and long to achieve the desired effect. If you have recently given birth to a child (natural birth), then the muscles will quickly return to their former form during training.

Creams, sticks, candles and other devices for narrowing the vagina help to achieve the desired result quickly enough, but for a short period of time.

What are the ways to restore?

We live in the twenty-first century, so this problem is solved elementary. The most common means for narrowing the vagina:

  • exercises;
  • creams;
  • gels;
  • lubricants;
  • candles;
  • sticks;
  • balloons;
  • pills;
  • Plastic surgery.

The latter method can be resorted only toIf others have not helped or are contraindicated to you. Even if you use one of the pharmacological agents, you can train muscles in parallel. This will help restore their former elasticity. The most common exercise is Kegel's exercise. It is quite simple, it can be performed absolutely in any position and anywhere. For this, you should strain your intimate muscles for five seconds, and then release. In a day, you can do 2-3-4 or more approaches 15-30 times. In addition to the fact that the muscles will return their elasticity, this exercise has a lot of other useful qualities.

Now a little about the ways for the lazy. What do they have reviews of doctors? Cream for narrowing the vagina, sticks, lubricants, tablets have their own indications and contraindications. Before such a purchase, you must carefully read the instructions to the drug. Most of these funds have a short-lived effect. This is also very important to know! Once we have already started talking about the indications and contraindications, we suggest that they be considered in more detail.


Creams for narrowing the vaginapopularity among the female half of the population. They help to feel all the charm of sex, while not particularly straining, not exhausting yourself with any exercises. The doctors' comments about these facilities are numerous and varied. Gynecologists before the use of creams advise their patients to try muscle training with exercise.

If you still decide to use the cream fornarrow the vagina, then carefully read the instructions. It should be indicated in which cases it is recommended to use this tool. As a rule, with developmental anomalies, severe muscle damage in the process of natural delivery and in the absence of results from other methods, the cream will be powerless. In these cases, a plastic surgeon is needed.


cream for narrowing the vagina

All medicines have their owncontraindications. They need to be read before the drug is purchased. Be sure to pay attention to this item when buying funds for narrowing the vagina. Otherwise, it can lead to a lot of problems (allergy, burning, and so on).

The main contraindications include:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • period of menstruation;
  • individual intolerance of any component.

These are the main points, each individual means has its own individual characteristics and composition. Accordingly, the indications and contraindications are very different.


Cream for narrowing the vagina helps or not

Cream for narrowing the vagina, whose propertieswill be considered in this chapter, is the most popular among women and gynecologists in Russia. Now we will talk about the cream of Naron. In its composition, you can find only natural components (zamanikha, ginseng, damiana, agrinin, hyaluronic acid and so on).

When choosing a means, consider your own particular body, pay attention to the composition to avoid an allergic reaction. This cream has a number of actions:

  • restoration of elasticity;
  • increased production of lubricant;
  • increased chances of orgasm;
  • elimination of dryness;
  • narrowing of the vagina;
  • correcting the shape of the labia;
  • increased sensitivity;
  • increased libido;
  • elimination of an unpleasant smell and so on.

Waname Tightening Gel

Cream-gel for narrowing the vagina Waname isone of the best tools in this category. The manufacturer of gel-greasing - the Netherlands. Its peculiarity is that it is completely absorbed into the skin, which guarantees maximum and prolonged slip during sexual intercourse.

The gel does not dissolve in water, thanks to thisIts property can be used to realize the boldest fantasies in the bathroom. The producer is responsible for the quality of his product, which is clearly reflected in the reviews of gynecologists, who often recommend gel to their customers who have addressed this problem.

Shunga Hold Me Tight

cream for narrowing the vagina photo

Cream for narrowing the vagina, whose photogranted in this section, is also popular among the female half of the population. This is due to its reasonable price (about one and a half thousand for a bottle of 30 milliliters) and its natural composition. For the basis, astringent natural components were taken, which lead the muscles into a tonus, thereby making the vagina taper. In addition, the lubricant has the following properties:

  • prevention of many vaginal bacteria;
  • protection against fungal infection;
  • elimination of unpleasant odor;
  • restoration of lubricant.

Kanikule Virgin

cream for narrowing the vagina properties

In this section, we briefly introduce one more cream for narrowing the vagina. Why do we draw your attention to this particular brand and manufacturer? It's simple:

  • the price will pleasantly surprise you (up to 900 rubles);
  • natural components;
  • instantaneous narrowing effect;
  • increased stimulation and so on.

In addition, the composition can be found extract of green tea, which helps maintain the beauty and youth of women.

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