Combined contraceptive "Claira" - reviews

The combined oral contraceptive "Claira" is released in the form of tablets, presented in five forms.

The active ingredient of each dark yellow pill is 3 mg of estradiol estradiol valerate.

The active ingredients of each pink pill are 2 mg estradiol estradiol valerate and 2 mg dienogest.

The active ingredients of each pale yellow tablet are 2 mg estradiol estradiol valerate and 3 mg dienogest.

The active ingredient of each red pill is 1 mg estradiol estradiol valerate.

The active substance in each white tablet is absent, this is a placebo.

Contraceptive "Clayra", doctors' reviews converge onopinion, effectively suppresses ovulation and changes the properties of the mucus of the cervical canal. Science has data on reducing the risk of developing malignant tumors in the female reproductive system as a result of taking this pharmaceutical.

Contraceptive "Clayra", reviews

Patients report a decrease in the number of brown secretions and a decrease in painful sensations. This is a good drug for women who are predisposed to iron deficiency anemia.

Estradiol valerate is not as intensely affecting the work of the liver compared to other estrogens, especially those obtained synthetically.

Dienogest, a representative of progestogens, additionally creates an antiandrogenic effect.

The drug "Clayra": reviews of specialists

In the course of preclinical studies,It was found that the active substances are safe for the body, do not create a carcinogenic or toxic potential. It is recalled about the negative ability of sex hormones to stimulate the growth of tissues and tumors of hormone-dependent type.

By experience, the Pearl index of the givencontraceptive. Of every hundred women who have been taking the drug for a year, they became pregnant <1. The indicator increased in patients who, due to circumstances, violated the order of taking the medicine on the appointed day.

Tablets "Claira": reviews of women taking the drug

Dosing regimen is not dependent on food intake. Tablets "Claira" should be taken, strictly adhering to the instructions, so that no unwanted pregnancy occurs. It is better to choose the same time of day for reception. If necessary, the tablet can be taken with a liquid.

There is no time-out between two monthly cycles. Each new package is disclosed only after using the last tablet from the existing opened.

Menstrualnopodobnye bleeding should be expected toend of the use of calendar packaging. Discharges can last a long time, even on the days of the application of the next pack of "Clayra" tablets - reviews of patients contain such data.

Some women who use danycombined oral contraceptive (PDA), note that they have the appearance of menstrual bleeding coincides with the start of taking tablets from a new package.

If the patient did not use any other PDA this month, then the drug "Claira", the gynecologists' testimonies confirm, it is necessary to start taking the first day, when menstruation began.

If the patient plans to replace the other PDA with the drug "Clayra", then the first reception will be the next day, as soon as the boring contraceptive is over.

Those women who used to beprevention of unwanted pregnancy with the vaginal ring or transdermal patch, take the first tablet "Clayra" on the day of removal of the ring or plaster.

The transition to the drug "Clayra" from the tablets "Mini-pili" can be done on any day of the monthly cycle.

The transition to the Claira preparation from the spiral of the intrauterine device or from the contraceptive implant is carried out on the day of removal.

The transition to the drug "Clayra" from the injection of the contraceptive should be done on the day when the plan must do another injection.

No matter howthe contraceptive used the woman before, in the first 9 days of taking the "Clayra" tablets, it is necessary to additionally use the contraceptive barrier method.

When appointing a combined oral contraceptive, the doctor must take into account the side effect and contraindications to taking the drug.

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