"Codelac" syrup, instructions for use

In order to cure a cough that oftenis a lot of inconvenience, now a fairly large number of drugs are used. Some of them eliminate the cough reflex, others contribute to a better sputum discharge, which is quite important for this disease. The latter includes "Kodelak" syrup, which is made on the basis of plant components.

In addition to the dry extract of thermopsis, whichincreases the secretory function of the bronchial glands, contains codeine, which reduces the excitability of the cough center, and licorice root, which exerts an expectorant effect. In addition, in 5 ml of syrup there is 1 gram of liquid extract of thyme. Additional substances in the composition, sorbitol, purified water, nipose and nipagin.

Use "Kodelak" syrup instruction onapplication advises in the treatment of dry cough of any origin, arising from bronchopulmonary diseases. It has a thick brown color and a characteristic aromatic odor.

The dosage of the drug depends onage of the patient. For example, for children aged 2 to 5 years, the maximum dose per day should not exceed 5 ml, divided into several receptions. Up to 12 years, 10-15 ml is prescribed, and those who are older, including adults up to 20 ml. It should be noted that before starting therapy, it is worth consulting with a doctor who will prescribe the dosage, as well as the duration of the drug. In this case, it is worth remembering that the "Kodelak" syrup instruction recommends taking a short time (several days), but if there is no change for the better, it may be worth replacing the remedy with a more suitable one in this case.

Side effects manifested in therapyThis tool is rarely observed. However, if there is drowsiness, a headache, the drug should be stopped. It is also possible the appearance of allergic reactions, including itching, skin rashes.

In the following situations, "Kodelak" syrup instructionon the use of use does not advise: bronchial asthma, respiratory failure. Contraindications to the reception of the funds will be children's age to 2 years, periods of expectation of the child and breastfeeding. If there is a sensitivity to the substances contained in the preparation, it also can not be used in treatment.

With prolonged use of syrup as aa drug, it is possible to develop addiction. During therapy, you should not consume alcohol, as well as morphine-like drugs, including Nalbuphine, Buprenorphine and others.

With caution "Kodelak" syrup instructions foruse recommends that patients who have any impaired renal function should be used. In this case, slowing the withdrawal of codeine from the body, from the intervals between the tips are advised to increase. Do not prescribe this drug at the same time as other drugs that have an expectorant and mucolytic effect. Under the supervision of a doctor, "Codelac" syrup is used, the instruction for use indicates that in patients who have high intracranial pressure.

Those who professionally go in for sports,should remember that the codeine, which is part of this drug, is equated with doping. During treatment, it is worthwhile to refrain from driving and working in dangerous conditions, which requires concentration, since sedation is possible.

In case of an overdose, side effects canTo be manifested much more strongly, in addition to this, arrhythmia, bradypnoe, atony of the bladder are characteristic in this situation. For treatment, gastric lavage is done, after which symptomatic therapy is prescribed. In this case, a medical examination is absolutely necessary.

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