Do you grow fat from bananas? Myths and Reality

Bananas are products that once wereexotic, can now be found on the shelves of any store. They can both be used in the preparation of various dishes, and in a simple form. But the main question of many fans of this fruit - "Do you grow fat from bananas?". In this article we will consider the useful and harmful properties of bananas, we will dispel the myths about the banana diet and many more.

do you get fat from bananas

What is the use of these fruits?

Useful properties of banana for the body:

  • They contain various useful microelements (potassium, magnesium, calcium) and vitamins (C, B1, AT2, AT3, AT6, AT9, E).
  • The structure of banana fibers helps to stimulate the digestive system.
  • Quickly restores human strength and gives extra load during physical action.
  • Source of antioxidants.
  • Peel banana - an excellent tool for fighting worms.

Negative sides

can you eat bananas at night

Far from positive properties of bananas:

  • If you suffer from diseases associated withdigestive system, do not abuse bananas. They are absorbed in the human body for a long time, therefore digestion and accumulation of gases are possible, in other words, bloating.
  • Bananas increase the viscosity of blood, thicken it, so people who survived a heart attack or a stroke, or who have diseases of the cardiovascular system, from a large number of bananas should be abandoned.
  • If you are allergic to these fruits, you are a pregnant woman or a child under 3 years old, this delicacy is also not for you.
  • Treated bananas can cause cancer of various organs, so before eating, be sure to thoroughly wash the fruit under running water.

After all of the above, it is worth noting thatbanana is a high-calorie product. How many calories are in one banana large? Green, not yet ripe fruits contain about 100-120 calories. In bananas that are already ripe, from 70 to 100 calories. Dried fruits - 300 calories. As you can see, dried bananas are nothing more than a healthy alternative to chips. They help the fluid to leave the human body.

useful properties of a banana for the organism

Banana Diet

So, we smoothly switched from caloric content to the question: "Do you grow fat on bananas?". Let's look at the banana diet. What is its essence? And what are the disadvantages of this method of nutrition? What kind of people are contraindicated in this diet, and to whom, on the contrary, would it not interfere?

Jane Griffin, a nutritionist from Britain, at one timedeveloped a diet to reduce the weight of Olympic athletes and called it "Banana Diet." Let bananas and grapes - fruits that do not appear in typical diets, but still one day you can throw off one kilogram of weight.

Important recommendations

First, eat bananas, where there is a lower content of starch (products from Japan or immature with a greenish tinge of rind left to ripen in a dark place).

If you have hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, obesity or digestive problems, this diet will have a beneficial effect on your body.

Secondly, the diet is based on fractional nutrition. All three days we eat bananas only, but in small portions and often. Do not starve, but do not load the body. Dairy products, sugar-free teas or clean water are allowed. With such nutrition, the question "Do you grow fat from bananas?" will have a negative answer.

Thirdly, after the diet is over, do not start eating everything abruptly, as it usually does. Weight will return, the stomach will suffer stress, and then your efforts will definitely go in vain.

However, some scientists and physicians believe thatsuch a diet is not very useful for the body, although it lasts three days, and advise you to make yourself bananas (days of bananas), one per week or a month. The most important thing is not to be fanatical and to know the measure in everything, then you will never be bothered by the question: "Do you grow fat from bananas?".

A very common rumor is that eating bananas at night is beneficial for the body. That this way you can also throw off the weight. Let's again consider the pros and cons of such a meal.

Evening snacks

how many calories in one banana large

Can I eat bananas at night? The benefits of eating these fruits before bed:

  • Vitamins and minerals have a beneficial effect on the body, if you want to regain strength and wake up in a good mood, a banana will help normalize your sleep.
  • Accelerates metabolism, removes excess water from the body, therefore, helps to lose excess weight.
  • If you have migraines, swelling, gastritis, heart disease, then a tropical product of yellow color will act as a medicine for you.

Cons of eating bananas at night:

  • An overdose of sugar in the blood. After a feeling of satiation, a strong hunger comes to the person. A person can not refresh himself, tk. is in a drowsy state.
  • It is very cautious to use the yellow product again because of the large amount of calories contained in it.
  • Diuretic effect, since there is a lot of potassium contained in the product.

Thus, based on facts and properties, wewe can give an unambiguous answer to the question: "Can I eat bananas at night?". You can eat fruits in the morning, during dinner, at night, sit on banana diets, the main thing is to take into account all the subtleties, keep track of your health, do not forget about the characteristics of your body, clearly see the goal (for which you started such an act) and Do not overdo it in the measures taken.

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