Instructions for the use of licorice root for various diseases

The root of licorice is considered by many miraculousa tool that promotes the preservation of health, beauty, youth. In ancient China, its healing properties were second only to the properties of ginseng.

Liquorice root. Description

In the composition of this plant componentthere are such useful substances as starch, sucrose, glucose, gum, copper. In addition, essential oils, ascorbic acid, are found. Often the root of licorice is prescribed for children to cough. This is due to the fact that the plant component has softening and expectorant properties. The instruction on the use of licorice root contains information that the syrup obtained from it is also rich in various useful compounds. Among them are flavonoids, polysaccharides, halchones. It should be said that the root of licorice (the price for which is relatively low) is quite popular.

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The agent is used for respiratory pathologiessystem, bronchial asthma. The indications include allergic dermatitis, eczema. Assign the drug for light poisoning (food), hemorrhoids, constipation. Instructions for the use of licorice root recommends using it as a laxative and diuretic. Its anti-inflammatory property is also known. It contains special substances that help to slow down and eliminate the pathological process.

from coughing to children

A number of components that make up the tool,contribute to the reduction of cholesterol, as well as the complete disappearance of plaques in the vessels. The syrup is appointed as an antispasmodic, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, expectorant. The drug has immunostimulatory activity. Substances that make up the syrup also have an antiviral effect, suppressing pathogens, staphylococci. Instructions for the use of licorice root recommends the drug as an additional in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis and oncology.


Specialists recommend with cautionuse the drug, follow the dosage and recommendations. The instructions for the use of licorice root contain information about the optimal dosage regimen for patients of different ages. Adults appoint a dessert spoon of syrup, dissolved in water. For children from the age of twelve recommend 1 tsp. on a quarter of a glass of liquid, for patients from 2 to 12 years - for ½ tsp. A child up to two years of age is prescribed two drops of syrup for a dessert spoonful of water. Take the drug twice a day. The duration of treatment is from seven to ten days.

instruction on the use of licorice root

additional information

It should be said that the root of licorice is appliednot only in different branches of medicine. Often used means in cosmetology. This is due to the presence of soothing, rejuvenating, whitening properties. Instructions for the use of licorice root allows its use to accelerate the healing of scars, in the treatment of dermatitis, changes in the color of the face. Often, this herbal component is included in the composition of anti-aging creams.

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