Maternity hospital in Sevastopol: reviews of doctors

Planning the appearance of the baby in the world, the majorityparents carefully choose a medical facility. More and more couples prefer metropolitan clinics, since it is here that qualified personnel work, who receive a decent payment for their labor. Such an institution is a maternity hospital on Sevastopol Avenue.

Basic information

It is popular not only maternity hospitalSevastopol Avenue. The medical institution is a versatile family planning center. Therefore, here you can not only agree on the upcoming birth, but also plan a pregnancy. About the specialists of the clinic you can hear more positive reviews. Thanks to their work, many childless couples managed to hear the long-awaited crying of the baby.

maternity hospital in Sevastopol
The institution has the necessary equipmentfor the treatment of infertility and other diseases of the reproductive system. Roddom in Sevastopol - the center of family planning, in which a woman can undergo a full examination before conceiving a child. At the establishment there is also a children's polyclinic where parents can observe the baby after birth.

The family planning center is located in thewell-developed infrastructure. The exact address of the institution is Moscow, Sevastopolsky Avenue, 24a. In the immediate vicinity is the metro station "Profsoyuznaya". In addition, near the clinic, trolleybuses and fixed-route taxis are constantly plying.


In this department, women initially come,who plan to conceive a child. About qualified work of specialists-gynecologists you can hear only positive feedback. These are doctors who not only have skills in the main profession, but act as psychologists in difficult situations. Unfortunately, the number of infertile women is increasing every year. However, modern methods, the use of high-quality equipment and qualification of local gynecologists do what was considered impossible several years ago. Even hopeless women manage to give birth.

maternity center at the Sevastopol family planning center
Before you go to the hospital in Sevastopolthe patient undergoes a complete examination of the organs of the reproductive system. If necessary, the treatment of infectious pathologies is carried out, polyps and other neoplasms in the uterus are removed, endometriosis therapy is performed. Through surgical intervention, the developmental defects of the uterus can be eliminated, preventing normal pregnancy.

Department of miscarriage

This section includes women whoconceive an infant, but pregnancy remains at risk. Reviews about doctors show that they do everything to save the life of the fetus. The reasons for miscarriage can be many, each of them is taken into account, all possible options are considered. Particular attention is paid to patients who have already experienced early termination of pregnancy.

maternity hospital at the Sevastopol family planning center reviews
On the basis of the department can be carried outcomplex diagnostics by qualified specialists, allowing to identify potential future child pathologies and even to predict its external data. The genetic analysis of the spouses, their karyotype, is taken into account. Additionally, a study of the immune system can be performed.

The pathology of the cervix

It is not always easy to get to the hospital forSevastopol. The reviews show that every second woman has a pathology that prevents conception and the birth of a healthy baby. Diseases of the cervix are common. It is no coincidence that a department has been established in the medical institution, the work of specialists in which is aimed at eliminating problems of this nature. Here, the diagnosis and further treatment of cervical disease taking into account the individual characteristics of women.

Reviews about specialists show that theyadvocate for sparing methods of treatment. Particular attention is paid to women who have not yet given birth. Delicate treatment of erosion or removal of polyps is the guarantee of a normal pregnancy in the future. Widely used equipment for cryodestruction of neoplasms of the cervix. The technique allows to remove benign tumors and polyps with minimal harm to the reproductive function of women. The device for radio wave surgery "Surgitron" is also used.

Department of Radiation Diagnostics

Many pathologies that do not allow the conceiving of a child,do not show themselves any symptoms. Identify them is possible only through hardware diagnostics. All the necessary resources have a maternity hospital in Sevastopol. Reviews about doctors show that experts pay attention even to the slightest changes in indicators. Thanks to this, it is possible to select a more effective regimen for infertility treatment.

maternity hospital in Sevastopol reviews
Reviews show that in all spectragynecological diseases specialists examine patients with MRI. The technique is sufficiently informative. It is possible to notice even minor morphological changes in internal organs. The study can be conducted before the planning of pregnancy, after surgery. MRI is necessarily performed if there is a suspicion of the presence of tumors in the organs of the female reproductive system.

A wide range ofX-ray studies. Specialists manage to identify any changes in a woman's condition in a timely manner. The pride of the institution is a modern mammogram.

In Vitro Fertilization

Unfortunately, some pathologies are impossiblecure even with high qualification of specialists. If infertility is diagnosed, the maternity hospital in Sevastopol (family planning center) will come to the rescue. Feedback on specialists who conduct IVF procedure, you can hear only positive. Each third fertilization ends with a long-awaited pregnancy.

maternity hospital in Sevastopol comments about doctors
Every day ECO specialists take more than 100patients. These are couples who only plan the onset of pregnancy, as well as those whose conception has occurred through artificial insemination. The reviews show that families can also plan the sex of the future baby.

Maternity ward

About experts of this department can be heardthe greatest number of positive reviews. In this case, patients speak well not only about doctors, but also about younger medical personnel and even nurses. According to statistics, more than 7,000 babies are born in the institution every year. The head of the department is Veronika Aleksandrovna Ustinova - obstetrician-gynecologist with many years of experience, candidate of medical sciences.

maternity hospital on Sevastopol Avenue
Thanks to the well-coordinated work of doctors daily inseparation occurs from 20 to 35 births. This is both emergency and planned activities. What else is famous for the hospital in Sevastopol? The reviews show that specialists find an approach to every woman. It is not uncommon for a doctor to make a decision to perform natural delivery in women who have previously given birth through cesarean section.

Local specialists not only help the woman give birth, but also calm her, tell how to treat a newborn baby.

Roddom in Sevastopol is a place wheremost births are performed using epidural anesthesia, which allows to significantly reduce the woman's pain. Next to the woman in childbirth, there is an anesthesiologist, who keeps track of her condition.

children's Hospital

Babies who were born in the hospital onSevastopol Avenue, in the future can be observed in a medical institution. Reviews of specialists show that special attention is paid to children who were born with pathologies. Good reviews can be heard about doctors of almost all specialties: pediatricians, pediatric neuropathologists, orthopedists, cardiologists, oculists, etc.

In a hospital, children undergo rehabilitation, which appeared prematurely. There are 5 candidates of science in the staff of the department, and only positive comments can be heard about them.

Conditions for non-residents

Roddom on Sevastopol Avenue, 24a, under the program of compulsory medical insurance, provides assistance to women from other regions of Russia.

maternity hospital on Sevastopol Avenue 24a
Reviews show that the attitude of doctors towardspatients does not depend on their place of residence. You can find out detailed information about the work of the hospital by the number of the "hot line" indicated on the official website of the clinic.

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