Medication "Bronhobos": instructions for use

bronchobos instruction
The drug "Bronhobos" instruction refers topharmacological group of secretolitics and stimulators of the motor function of the respiratory system. As a result of the use of this drug, the viscosity of the secretion of the nasal mucosa and bronchi decreases, the ratio of acidic and neutral sialomucins normalizes, and swelling improves, breathing improves and cough passes. In addition, the "Bronhobos" (the instruction explains this by the action of active components) activates the function of the ciliary epithelium of the channels of the respiratory system, restores the process of formation and release of IgA (immunoglobulin), and stimulates the process of mucociliary clearance. If we talk about the pharmacokinetic characteristics of this drug, then its largest plasma parameters are noted after two to three hours after use, and the time of the so-called half-elimination is about seven to eight hours.

bronchobus instructions for use
The medicine "Bronhobos" (instruction forit is always included), mostly in the form of yellow capsules filled with white powder. Each of them includes such substances as corn starch, colloidal silicon dioxide, gelatin, magnesium stearate and carbocysteine. The latter component acts as the main active ingredient, and it is thanks to this drug that it has a pronounced mucolytic effect.

Take capsules "Bronhobos" instructions forThe application is recommended exclusively for the treatment of acute and chronic forms of pulmonary diseases, which are accompanied by the appearance of hard-to-separate sputum. For example, therapists actively prescribe this remedy for bronchitis, tracheobronchitis, bronchial asthma and tracheitis. When otitis, a disease associated with inflammation of the middle ear, also recommends starting the drug "Bronhobos" instruction. These capsules also help in rhinitis. In addition, the list of indications for the appointment includes bronchoectatic disease and sinusitis.

bronchobus instruction capsules

As an aid, thisthe medication is often used and during the preparation for various medical procedures that are aimed at examining the channels of the respiratory system. For example, it must be taken before bronchoscopy or bronchography.

Use the drug "Bronhobos" instruction is notresolves if the patient has an acute form of glomerulonephritis, acute cystitis or stomach ulcers. In addition, do not take this medicine with an established allergic reaction to carbocysteine ​​or any other substances present in its composition. Among other things, this drug is never prescribed to pregnant women (especially in the first three months), as well as children under the age of fifteen. With great care it is necessary to take this remedy to people who suffer from chronic glomerulonephritis or uncomplicated gastrointestinal ulcers.

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