The drug "Gabapentin". Instructions for use and description

The medicine "Gabapentin" belongs to the groupanticonvulsant medicines. In the human body, the drug is not subject to significant metabolism. The degree and intensity of absorption is slightly influenced by food intake. When the drug is administered orally to a nursing mother, the drug penetrates into the milk. Excretion occurs due to renal excretion.

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The drug "Gabapentin". Instructions for use. Appointment

Medication is indicated for epileptic partialseizures with secondary generalization or without it in patients from three to twelve years old. In this case, the remedy is recommended as an adjunct to the main treatment. The drug is prescribed to adults for the therapy of postherpetic neuralgia. The exact dosage, frequency and duration of treatment is determined individually by a specialist.

Medication "Gabapentin". Instructions for use. Contraindications

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Do not prescribe a remedy at the age of up to three years with epileptic partial seizures and up to twelve years to eliminate the symptoms of postherpetic neuralgia, and also to women during lactation.

Adverse Reactions

To the negative consequences of therapypostherpetic neuralgia with the drug "Gabapentin" instructions for use include headache, abdominal pain, soreness in the back, infectious lesions, hyperglycemia, peripheral edema, weight gain. Some patients have a disorder of gait, constipation, tremor, nausea, pharyngitis, dry mouth, amnesia, dyspnea. On the basis of treatment is likely the development of otitis media, diarrhea, dizziness, drowsiness. The drug causes conjunctivitis, flatulence, ataxia, and diplopia. In the treatment of epilepsy, general malaise, vasodilation, tooth damage, increased appetite, arthralgia are noted. Adverse reactions to the drug "Gabapentin" instructions for use include fractures, myalgia, anxiety, the manifestation of aggression, allergic skin irritation, cough. On the basis of therapy, impotence may develop, infection in the genitourinary system may occur, rhinitis.

gabapentin instructions for use

The drug "Gabapentin". Instructions for use. additional information

Against the background of pregnancy, medicine is not prohibited. However, the appointment of the drug is carried out only by the doctor in assessing the ratio of the likely negative effect and the expected benefit. In the case of simultaneous reception with the drug "Morphine" you need strict control over the condition of the central nervous system and the timely elimination of emerging adverse reactions. Bioavailability of the medication is reduced by the complex administration of antacids. The excretion of the active component of the drug is slightly reduced by the action of the "cimetidine" agent. Medication "Gabapentin" instructions for use recommends drinking two hours after taking antacids. Patients under the age of twelve years with violations of renal function drug is not unavailable. With the simultaneous administration of the drug "Morphine" dosage is reduced gradually.

Means of "Gabapentin". Instructions. Price

On average, the drug can be purchased at pharmacies at a price that is within 400 r.

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