First Aid at High Pressure: Action Tactics

With hypertensive crisis people can face inany age, so everyone should know what kind of first aid is needed at high blood pressure. This condition can occur in those who suffer from chronic hypertension (constantly high blood pressure). But ordinary people also face it after overwork or considerable stress.

Symptoms of the disease

First aid at high pressure
As a rule, the increase in pressure is indicated bybad feeling. But if a person first gets stuck with this problem, then he may not understand the reasons why he became ill. To understand what happened, you can, if you know what symptoms are accompanied by high blood pressure. What to do (first aid should be provided in a timely manner), everyone should know in order to normalize the patient's condition in time.

Symptoms of increasing blood pressure include:

- occurrence of a nausea, vomiting;

- Throbbing pain in the temples;

- discomfort in the heart;

- darkening in the eyes;

- dizziness;

- cardiopalmus;

- the appearance of weakness;

- a feeling of numbness in the limbs;

- a sensation of a rush of blood to the head.

But all these symptoms are relative, they can also testify about other disorders. Therefore, before you begin to provide first aid, it is advisable to measure the pressure.

Necessary tactics of actions

High blood pressure, what to do, first aid
Before finding out how it can be donefirst aid with high blood pressure at home, you need to find a way to measure it. Best if everyone has a tonometer. It can be simple or mechanical. If you can not measure the pressure, then it's best to immediately call an ambulance. This should be done if the pressure is higher than usual. Anxiety should cause an increase in the indices to a level of 140/90 mm Hg. Art.

Before the arrival of doctors, the patient should be placed in a convenientfor him the situation. The best option - half sitting. All crushing clothing should be unbuttoned or removed. Also, we must ensure that fresh air enters the room where such a person is.

A little to ease the condition can be with the help offoot bath with hot water. With its help, it is possible to ensure the outflow of blood to the periphery from the head region. This is available to everyone first aid at high pressure. If a person first encountered such a problem, it is better to wait for the doctors to come and do not drink any medications yourself.

Selection of drugs

People suffering from chronic hypertension, notwill cause an ambulance at each deterioration of state of health. They can always find drugs that can in a short time normalize the pressure. It can be such means as "Corinth", "Physiotenses", "Kapoten", "Clofelin", "Tonorma". But self-medicate and choose medication yourself is not worth it. Only a doctor can choose the most suitable drug taking into account the age of the patient, the condition of his cardiovascular system and anamnesis. Also, a specialist can say in which dosages it is necessary to drink the selected tablets.

First aid at high arterial pressuremust be rendered immediately. But it is worthwhile to understand that it is not worthwhile counting on an instantaneous effect. Usually, the drugs begin to act no sooner than 30 minutes later.

Assessment of the effectiveness of funds

First aid at high arterial pressure
With a sharp jump in pressure, people suffering fromarterial hypertension, it is necessary to take an extraordinary dose of the drug. Some mistakenly believe that it is better to drink twice the dose to make the effect come faster. They believe that such first aid at high pressure will be more effective. But doctors categorically forbid it. Too sharp decrease in pressure can cause disorders of cerebral circulation. The consequences can become irreversible.

You need to know how the indicators should change. It is impossible for the pressure to drop more than 30 mm Hg. Art. for half an hour. At an o'clock, it should decrease by no more than 60 mm Hg. Art.

To assess whether the first aid was found at highpressure effective, it is possible only with the help of a tonometer. If for an hour the pressure decreased even by 40 mm Hg. st., then you can not drink additional funds. The only exception is sedatives, which can normalize the psychoemotional state.

Using recipes of folk medicine

First aid for high-pressure tablets
Some try to minimize consumptiontablets and give preference to methods that are recommended by traditional healers. So, you can use the conventional methods, which even doctors recommend. These include ensuring complete rest to the patient and hot foot baths.

But healers are not limited to suchmethods. They recommend at a pressure jump to chew a few berries of viburnum. They also claim that tea from raspberry leaves helps. They need to be brewed and drunk throughout the day instead of regular tea.

Some talk about how there can befirst aid was given at high pressure with the help of potatoes. To do this, it must be grated and wrapped in a cloth. Compresses attached to the temples can quickly alleviate the condition.

Preventing problems

People suffering from hypertension,must understand how to act so that they do not need to know how first aid is given under high pressure. Tablets prescribed by a doctor, they should drink regularly. But even this is not always able to help.

First aid for high blood pressure at home
People suffering from hypertension should:

- minimize consumption of salt and foods with increased content;

- to exclude from a diet fat and fried products;

- monitor your weight (obese people are more predisposed to the development of pressure problems);

- daily to carry out simple physical exertion;

- avoid emotional overload.

Compliance with these rules will reduce the likelihood of developing a hypertensive crisis and minimize the jump in blood pressure.

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