Ginoflor E remedy: instructions for use

The drug "Gynoflor" is an effective antimicrobial complex.

Pharmacological properties of Ginoflor E

gynoflor er instructions

The instruction says that the basis of the drugare non-pathogenic bacteria that form a healthy microflora. They create an internal environment that does not allow them to multiply and develop pathogenic microorganisms. The bacteria that make up the drug produce hydrogen peroxide and bacteriocins, creating a bactericidal effect. The second component of the drug is estriol - a synthetic substance, whose action is similar to the work of hormones produced by the ovaries. Oestriol accelerates the growth and multiplication of cells, improves the state of the vaginal epithelium. In the complex, the medicine reduces the likelihood of local infections, normalizes the microflora of the vagina and the condition of its mucosa. The action of the drug develops only 2 hours after use. Produced in the form of suppositories of vaginal (tablets).

Indication for the use of Ginoflor E medication

Instruction for use explains thatthe drug is used to restore normal vaginal microflora after local, systemic treatment, during which chemotherapeutic agents and antibiotics were used. As an additional remedy, the drug is prescribed for hormone replacement therapy during and after menopause. Tablets are used for candidiasis, uncomplicated vaginitis, and for the prevention of these diseases.

gynoflor e instruction manual

Ginoflor E remedy: instructions for use

Suppositories must be administered deep inside,pre-moistened with water. Begin therapy is required two days after menstruation. You must administer the medicine before bedtime in the evening. To treat infections and restore microflora, you need to use up to two suppositories per day. Use the drug for 12 days (at least 6 days).

Side effects of the "Gynoflor E"

The instruction indicates that in general the medicineis transferred satisfactorily. However, there are cases of burning and discomfort after using tablets. Sometimes there may be allergic reactions - swelling of the mucosa, redness. Usually, these signs pass in a few days, so no treatment is required. It is necessary to take into account that during therapy it is necessary to refrain from sexual relations or at least use barrier methods of protection.

Contraindications to the use of "Gynoflor E"

gynoflor e instruction manual

The instruction explains that you can not usetablets with individual non-taking of the drug, with vaginal bleeding of unknown etiology, as well as girls who have not reached puberty or have no sexual contacts. It is forbidden to administer the drug in malignant formations, endometriosis. You are allowed to use the medicine during pregnancy and lactation.

Medication "Ginoflor E": instruction, price

The cost of the drug depends on the manufacturer and the region of sales, on average, from 600 to 800 rubles.

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