What are the beneficial properties of tea fungus and contraindications?

Many people remember a pleasant refreshing drink,which they drank grandmothers. It differs not only in its sour taste, but also in the unusual nature of its preparation - it was made in a three-liter jar made of a flat jellyfish. This infusion

useful properties of tea fungus and contraindications
has long been used as a refreshing drink andAs an adjuvant for the treatment of many diseases. In recent years it has been replaced by modern medicines and lemonades, but many are interested in the useful properties of the tea fungus and the contraindications to its administration.

This drink is used even in the officialmedicine for the treatment of liver diseases, digestive disorders and intestinal disorders. He is also able to accelerate recovery in many infectious diseases. This is due to the fact that the tea fungus creates a special solution based on tea brewing and sugar. It is rich in various vitamins, minerals and contains useful enzymes and proteins. It also contains ascorbic acid, lipids and special bacteria. They are by their properties may well replace antibiotics, but do not have any side effects.

Useful properties of tea fungus andcontraindications to its use are known now well, because this infusion is very popular in Western countries, where it came from Japan more than 300 years ago. It is used not only as a refreshing drink. He is capable

tea mushroom useful properties review
cure insomnia, normalize blood pressure and effectively cleanse the body of toxins and blood vessels from cholesterol plaques.

Kombucha: useful properties

Reviews of people who have long used thisdrink, only positive. It easily cures fungal diseases, helps with obesity. Compresses and masks with infusion of the fungus relieve many skin diseases and have rejuvenating properties. Skin after the application of masks on its basis is cleared and becomes smooth and tender.

Thanks to the content of the drink hyaluronicacid it can even help in the treatment of cancer. It alleviates the condition of patients with ulcers and improves the functioning of the heart. The tea fungus also copes effectively with many infectious diseases, acting better than antibiotics, because it does not suppress immunity, but, on the contrary, stimulates it. For example, when treating dysentery, it is even more effective than drugs. Successfully, the infusion is used for chronic rhinitis and tonsillitis, for rinsing the mouth with stomatitis and gingivitis.

tea mushroom useful properties for children
But to properly apply the drink, you need to knowall useful properties of tea fungus and contraindications. Infusion can be drunk to everyone, and it almost has no side effects. It is necessary only to observe the measure of drinking a drink for diabetics, because it contains a lot of sugar. Because of the presence of organic acids is not recommended for a long time infusion of patients with gastritis and ulcers.

But in general, in relation to all without exception andregardless of age, the kombucha has beneficial properties. Children can also give it. It calms, inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria and normalizes digestion. In addition, the infusion has a pleasant taste and is an excellent substitute for foreign carbonated drinks.

From all that has been said, it is clear that, knowing the usefulthe properties of the tea fungus and contraindications, you can use this drink not only as a medicine, but also instead of compotes, purchased juices and lemonades. He can not cure you of severe chronic illnesses, but to increase resistance to infections and normalize digestion and metabolism is capable.

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