Contraceptive pill "Novinet": reviews of doctors

To date, oral contraceptionis the most popular among women. First, it has a rather high contraceptive effectiveness, and secondly, discomfort is eliminated, unlike the use of mechanical contraceptives and in the third allows women to control the entire situation. Each lady sees in this contraceptive method her additional benefits.

However, oral contraceptives are not without minuses,but, according to most women, there are more advantages in them. Now it remains to select the most optimal tablets, which would be effective enough and did not cause side effects. Their choice is so great that sometimes gynecologists can not immediately orient themselves. Today we will tell you about tablets "Novinet". The doctors' comments about this drug are ambiguous, but still most experts claim about its high degree of protection.

How Novinet works

These pills consist of synthetic analogsnatural estrogen hormones and progestogen. Scientists have proved that synthetic hormones exert a stronger effect. This drug blocks the production of certain hormones responsible for ovulation. As a result, the egg does not ripen, so fertilization does not occur, either. Under the action of the tablets, cervical mucus thickens, which prevents the progress of spermatozoa.

Suffering dysmenorrhea and pronouncedPremenstrual syndrome shows the drug "Novinet". Reviews of doctors in such cases are only positive. Special advantages: the restoration of the menstrual cycle (if it is irregular), the reduction of pain during menstruation, the regulation of heavy bleeding and getting rid of acne.

If we compare this contraceptive withother OK, then the drug "Novinet" among this abundance is considered one of the most harmless and safe. In tablets, there is a minimum level of estrogen, which can significantly reduce the risk of many side effects - especially weight gain.

Side effects caused by tablets "Novinet"

Reviews of gynecologists about the drugindicate the following adverse reactions: diarrhea, nausea, skin rash, dizziness, headaches, mood swings, changes in libido, jaundice, increased pressure, swelling of the breasts, lowering or weight gain.

Other manifestations are possible: fatigue, amenorrhea, candidiasis, hair loss, nodal erythema, thromboses, hypertension, mycosis of the vagina, pigmentation on the skin. Some manifestations disappear on their own after three months of regular use of the tablets.

Novine tablets: how to take

Due to the convenient packaging, which indicatedhow to properly take the drug a woman will be able to easily monitor the reception of a contraceptive. The first tablet is drunk on the day of the menstrual cycle. The next one is taken at the same time as the first. The course lasts 21 days, then a seven-day break is made, during this period, monthly starts.

After seven days, we begin to drink a new pack -21 day. If the menstruation has not ended, and the week has expired, still start drinking "Novinet". The doctors' comments on the duration of the application agree - for more than two years it is not recommended to use it.

It is necessary to make a break for at least half a year, so that the work of the ovaries is restored. You should stop receiving if:

  • There was a pregnancy at the time of admission.
  • The next menstruation did not come.
  • Hepatitis or jaundice has developed.
  • Sight decreased.
  • Strong headaches began.
  • Epileptic seizures developed.
  • Hypertension developed.
  • An operation is planned.

If you did not manage to take the next doseor you just forgot, take the pill right away as you remember it and then everything is on schedule. If you have not taken the drug for about a month, then you need to start again the course of admission, only note that the effect of the pill is significantly reduced.

Contra-tablets "Novinet"

Testimonials of experts are very diverse, but still take the drug with extreme caution in the presence of the following points:

  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Chronic colitis.
  • Diseases of the liver.
  • Cholelithiasis.
  • Cholecystitis.
  • Sickle-cell and hemolytic anemia.
  • Arterial or venous thromboembolism.
  • Congenital hyperbilirubinemia.
  • Otosclerosis.
  • Ischemic attack or angina.
  • Genital herpes.
  • Diabetes.
  • Oncology of mammary glands and genitals.
  • Intolerance of components.
  • Post-stroke or heart attack in the past.

The preparation "Novinet" can be taken only for the purpose of the treating gynecologist. Before the appointment you must go through a full examination.

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