Tracheitis in a child: treatment and prevention

tracheitis in a child treatment

Inflammation of the trachea is called "tracheitis". This disease often occurs against the background of other inflammatory processes in the broncho-pulmonary system (bronchitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, etc.). The main sign of tracheitis is a painful, hysterical and almost always dry cough that intensifies at night and after awakening. Quite often, the acute form of the disease is transformed into a chronic one, and then the treatment becomes more complicated, and its duration increases.

Tracheitis in a child: how to treat?

The cause of tracheitis in most cases isviral infection, less often bacterial and sometimes parasitic. In acute course, the formation of viscous mucus is possible, in some cases the process is complicated by the production of a purulent discharge. Most parents are frightened of such a disease and, watching how the child suffers in coughing attacks, ask only one question: "How can I help him?" When a trachea occurs in a child, the treatment is prescribed by the pediatrician after the examination. A detailed description of the nature of the course of the inflammatory process affects the correctness of the diagnosis, so parents need to try to detail the symptoms.

tracheitis treatment in children

Due to the fact that tracheitis in a child (treatment of itincluding) in many respects similar to other catarrhal diseases, which doctors unite under the term "ARVI", almost all methods aimed at an early recovery, are identical to the generally accepted in most of these cases. Restoration of the affected walls of the mucous membranes of the trachea depends on the temperature of food and drink. In this case, you should take a small sip of warm herbs of herbs (chamomile, sage, breastfeeding), milk with honey (in the absence of specific reactions of the body). When a tracheitis in a child is diagnosed, treatment with warm infusions can be performed with the help of ordinary cocktail tubes, due to which the process of drinking involuntarily slows down, which means that the drink with anti-inflammatory effect will start to act.

tracheitis in a child how to treat

Drug therapy is considered onlyexperts in the field of pediatrics, you can not choose your own medications, especially when you have a tracheitis in a child. Treatment, as a rule, does not require the use of antibiotics (only with purulent or prolonged flow). With a dry cough appoint drugs that block the cough center (drugs "Sinekod", "Codeine"). However, it should be borne in mind that treatment with these medicines is possible only in the absence of productive cough. Otherwise, the accumulated sputum or mucus will not be eliminated by expectorating reflexes, and the inflammatory process may worsen. To eliminate wet cough, expectorants of both plant origin and synthetic

What else is remarkable about tracheitis? Treatment in children of this disease should proceed in the most calm and favorable environment. It must be remembered that under the influence of the disease the mucous wall becomes thinner, and any unreasonable cry (irritation, whims) has a harmful effect on her condition. With timely measures taken, the prognosis is favorable, and recovery occurs within 1-2 weeks, depending on the severity of the lesion.

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