"Pimafucin" in pregnancy: reviews, indications and side effects

During pregnancy, candidiasis representsa potential danger, in principle, like any infection. Thrush does not only complicate the course of pregnancy, but also increases the risk of infection of the fetus in the womb. Therefore, despite the rather high frequency of its appearance in women in an interesting situation, this is not a norm and an innocuous condition, as many women think.

Candidiasis necessarily requires careful diagnosis and proper treatment. All medications for treatment of thrush are divided into local and systemic.

To systemic preparations include tablets for oral administration, they act on the intestines, and are subsequently absorbed into the blood and enter the tissues and internal organs.

However, during pregnancy, systemic medications are notit is recommended to take because of high toxicity, therefore, topical preparations are prescribed. Most often gynecologists prescribe the drug "Pimafucin" during pregnancy. The doctors' testimonies testify to its rather high efficiency and safety. This polyene antifungal antibiotic (natamycin), which has a wide therapeutic spectrum, besides it is non-toxic.

The principle of its operation is that itbinds the lipids of cell membranes in the tissues of the body, thereby destroying their functionality and integrity, as a result, the causative agents of infections die. To natamycin sensitive yeast fungi are susceptible (not exception of Candida fungi). Fungi that cause microsporia, trichophytosis and epidermophytia are not very sensitive to it.

As a result of numerous studies there was nothe addiction of microorganisms to the drug "Pimafucin" was revealed. Tablets during pregnancy can be prescribed in case of recurrent or chronic infection and supplemented with antifungal creams. The drug is poorly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract due to the enteric coating, which acts directly in the intestine.

The drug "Pimafucin" is produced in threemedicinal forms: tablets, vaginal suppositories and in the form of ointments (for the treatment of mucous membranes and skin infections). It is best not to take Pimafucin tablets on your own during pregnancy. Reviews of them are positive, but only if taken in conjunction with ointment and suppositories. Then the effect is observed the next day: the itch subsides, the swelling subsides, the redness disappears, the discharge becomes less abundant.

The drug can be used to treat vaginitis,dermatomycosis, vulvitis, fungal lesions of the digestive tract, appendages and skin. Depending on the existing disease, a doctor prescribes a specific scheme of complex treatment with the drug "Pimafucin" during pregnancy. Reviews of women about vaginal suppositories are mostly good, many of them really help to get rid of unpleasant sensations. The therapeutic effect is achieved quite quickly. The active substance (natamycin) and cetyl alcohol (emollent) present in the candles have softening properties and do not cause allergic reactions.

Candles "Pimafucin" instructions for useDescribes in detail. It says how they affect the body. Goes to the instructions and the point is that during the period of treatment it is not necessary to exclude sex life. But that there were no repeated relapses, it is recommended to treat a partner. Using suppositories, you can permanently eliminate the focus of infections. Before using the drug, carefully read the annotation, because he, like any drug, has side effects.

In rare cases, nausea anddiarrhea, but all signs during treatment are self-destructive. Sometimes there may be irritation of the skin and a burning sensation (this is a normal reaction). If such symptoms do not disappear for a long time, this indicates an increased sensitivity to the drug.

Pimafucin has analogues. Terzhinan and Livarol are quite effective medications. But nevertheless the majority of gynecologists prescribe "Pimafucin" during pregnancy. Reviews in general are good.

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