Is "Liquid Chestnut" sold in pharmacies: reviews

What girls do not come up with toto drop such hated extra pounds! Torturing their health, they use mono diets, about which the nutritionists are already shouting. Some actively train in gyms, leading themselves to physical exhaustion. But in any case there must be a measure: if you do, then in moderation, if you reduce the amount of food, then without harm to the body.

Many resort to such means as dietary supplements. They are not registered as medicines, but have some effect on the body, promoting the acceleration of metabolism and dulling the feeling of hunger. One such means is the "Liquid Chestnut". Is it possible to buy "Liquid Chestnut" in the pharmacy and how effective is it?

Use of this additive

Is sold liquid chestnut in pharmacies
Often you have to hear about this miracle cure, which helps quickly and effectively lose weight. What is this drug and is sold "Liquid Chestnut" in pharmacies?

This remedy is not a medicinal productand refers to biologically active substances. It has been used for more than a year as an energetician in sports practice. It is believed that the substance helps to lose weight in record time and yet remain energetic and full of energy.

What does it consist of?

can I buy a liquid chestnut in a pharmacy?
In addition to the question of whether the "Liquid Chestnut"in pharmacies, many are interested in what this means consists of. The main component of the "Liquid Chestnut" is not the chestnut that can be found on our streets, but its distant counterpart from the Amazon region - guarana. It is an ever green shrubby plant. It contains a substance similar to caffeine, but much stronger.

In addition to this component, as part of the drugthere are substances such as theophylline, theobromine, minerals and vitamins. Theobromine is a purine-type alkaloid, it is, in fact, recycled cocoa. This substance acts excitantly on the muscle of the heart. It also has a diuretic effect. Theophylline also acts as an antispasmodic, bronchodilator, diuretic, antiasthmatic, cardiotonic.

Its useful properties

liquid chestnut for weight loss in pharmacies
Everyone who is interested in whether "Liquidchestnut "in pharmacies, want to know about the beneficial properties of the drug.It is proven that the remedy is a powerful energetic, an excellent tonic that helps to stay awake even after intensive training and during a strict diet.

The drug reduces appetite and mutes hunger. The person who receives it becomes incredibly efficient. Significantly reduces the amount of fat tissue, accelerates the metabolism and improves the work of all organs and body systems. The substance normalizes the stool and has a mild, laxative effect. A moderate diuretic action helps get rid of excess fluid in the body.

Contraindications to use

liquid chestnut in pharmacies price reviews
Before asking a question about what is soldwhether "Liquid Chestnut" in pharmacies, you need to consult a doctor about the correctness of its use and possible risks. This remedy, like many others, has not only useful properties, but also its contra-indications. "Liquid chestnut" can not be used:

  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • up to eighteen years;
  • with arterial hypertension;
  • at violations of carbohydrate metabolism;
  • with peptic ulcer;
  • weakened, emaciated people;
  • with epilepsy;
  • if there are disorders of a nervous and mental nature;
  • for insomnia.

Method of application

Before thinking about whether you can buy at the drugstore "Liquid Chestnut", it is important to know how to correctly apply the drug, because it affects its effectiveness.

There is a powdery form of the drug, takewhich follows by ½ teaspoon, dissolving the substance in plain water, juice, yogurt or tea. Exceed the recommended dose is not recommended. This is fraught with sleep disturbances, overexcitation.

It is desirable to take the drug in the morning and afternoon. Reception in the evening, especially in people leading a sedentary lifestyle, can cause insomnia. It is better to use the drug before physical exertion, training or immediately after them, in order to recover faster and gain strength.

Features of use

slimming milk slimming powder for sale
How to use the "Liquid Chestnut" for weight loss correctly? Reviews and contraindications suggest that the results of its use are quite contradictory.

That there were no unnecessary sensations andconsequences, you should follow the instructions clearly. It is important to remember that the product already has an effect similar to that of caffeine, so it should not be combined with coffee and other caffeine-containing substances.

Use the substance should not be uncontrolled, but in small courses, for 3-4 weeks, taking a break for at least two weeks.

"Liquid Chestnut" for slimming: sale

In some settlements are sold farnot all medicines, vitamins and desired dietary supplements. Therefore, most people who want to lose weight are interested in how they sell "Liquid Chestnut" in the pharmacy, and what is the price of the drug. The cost is not cheap - on average the cost exceeds twenty dollars, but the recipe for it is not needed.

Before making an order, you need to inquire about the product certificate, in order to avoid the purchase of a fake. You can buy the product in a regular pharmacy.

Opinion of doctors-nutritionists

So, to purchase the "Liquid Chestnut" forslimming in pharmacies, there are no barriers. That is, you do not need any prescriptions or medical advice (although this does not hurt). But what do experts really think about the tool, you need to know.

Liquid Chestnut for weight loss reviews and contraindications

Some nutritionists do not consider the remedy somethingdangerous to health. Particularly useful, in their opinion, is the "Liquid Chestnut" for those who have been exhausted by the decay and chronic fatigue. They believe that this drug is a strong energy that will increase efficiency from diet and exercise.

There is a group of nutritionists who debunkedsome myths about the "Liquid Chestnut". They believe that the remedy can not be considered an immunostimulant. All of its action is equated with the action of caffeine, that is, it is almost the same as the effect of using coffee. Coffee invigorates, removes liquid, moderately loosens the stool, but it is never prescribed for colds and weakening of the immune system.

The drug itself does not promote weight loss,these experts believe, and will not lead to weight loss, but will increase the effectiveness of diet and exercise. It's also wrong to say, the doctors say, that the amount of fat cells decreases during the treatment. It remains the same, only the volume of fat deposits can decrease.

According to conservative dieticians, the remedyinefficient, even harmful, and its producers - none other than scammers. They conducted studies on the effectiveness of the use of the drug in obesity, but they were convinced that it was not subjected to serious tests and was not even registered as a dietary supplement in any country in the world. Proceeding from this, these experts claim that "Liquid Chestnut" is not only not useful, but also harmful to health.

Doctors and endocrinologists say that from the meansHarm can be more than good. But they do not deny that the substance will make a person more vigorous and energetic, increase the effectiveness of physical exertion.

As we can see, graduate doctors respond aboutthe preparation is not too flattering. But if their feedback has not been dissuaded from you and you still want to know if there is a "Liquid Chestnut" available in pharmacies, you should still not give up the manufacturer's recommendations. It is also important to remember that the drug itself will not lead to weight loss, but will only help to accelerate the process of losing weight with the appropriate diet and exercise.

"Liquid chestnut" in pharmacies - price, customer reviews

This tool has recently been usedpopular with those who want to say goodbye with being overweight. It is available for a wide range of customers, because the "Liquid Chestnut" for weight loss in pharmacies is sold at a price of 990 to 1300 rubles.

Is there a liquid chestnut in the pharmacies?

Customer testimonials indicate that"Liquid chestnut" is a remedy that really helps to eat fewer foods and spend more energy. Some people notice that he does not possess miraculous behavior, but his appetite decreases, an excess liquid comes out of the body, more energy and energy is available to perform any physical exercises.

But the buyers of this product feel themselveschanges in the work of the cardiovascular system, so you need to use it very carefully, keeping track of your health. Trying to lose those extra pounds, many forget that before them is not a panacea for obesity, but only an energetic. Indeed, the "Liquid Chestnut" gives more energy, which should be used wisely. Along with this, it is necessary to eat properly during the application of the product. Do not expect a lightning result, lose extra pounds - it's a long and hard work, which is then rewarded with beautiful forms. After two or three weeks of using the "Liquid Chestnut", you can actually evaluate the first results.

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