"Argosulfan": analogues and reviews about them

Skin is the biggest organ of a person. In an adult, it can be from 1.5 to 2 square meters in area, and the weight is about 15 percent of the total mass. It has an excellent property of regeneration, that is, recovery. From cuts, burns, wounds over time, there is no trace. If, of course, the injury was not too deep. Some medications help this process to finish faster. One such assistant is the cream "Argosulphan". Analogs can also help your health, and even more so the wallet. In this article we will review both one and the other.

Argosulfan analogue

Damage to the skin

Wounds - mechanical damage to the skin. They can be deep, superficial, extensive or simply abrasions. In any case, since it is related to blood, it is worth paying special attention to their treatment. Nobody wants to have as a consequence the infection of blood after an awkward treatment of a knife in the kitchen. In your home medicine cabinet must be wound-healing funds. To start, you need to disinfect The wound, treated with its antiseptic agent,such as "Chlorhexidine" or "Miramistin." Then you can impose, in fact, a remedy. Very well proven "Argosulfan" (ointment). Analogues of this tool are very numerous and also manage their task well. It remains only to choose one that does not burden your wallet.

"Argosulfan": when to apply?

"Argosulfan" excellently copes with variousSkin diseases, as well as mechanical damage to the skin. It also helps in the healing of festering wounds. It works well for various types of burns: chemical, thermal, radiation. It is also used not only for sunburn, but also for frostbite. Excellent action has "Argosulfan" for skin diseases: dermatitis, eczema and others. An irreplaceable assistant this cream and at trophic ulcers, including at a diabetes. With chronic venous insufficiency, this medication is also often prescribed. And, of course, it is necessary to have it in your home medicine cabinet because it helps to quickly tighten household cuts, abrasions and other injuries.

Argosulfan ointment analogues


As with every drug,"Argosulfan" is a number of contraindications. You should carefully read them, so as not to cause harm to health. For example, you should not use it for people with congenital insufficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase. In no case can it be used for preterm infants and children for up to two months. Also, if you notice an increased sensitivity to sulfonamides, it is better to look for some other wound-healing remedy. Caution should be applied to "Argosulfan" pregnant - only if the surface of the burn or wound is not more than 20 percent of the body.

Argosulfan instruction on the use of analogues

All drugs fall into the milk of nursing mothers, so in this case it is better to refrain from using the cream.

Mode of application

The first and mandatory requirement in applying"Argosulfan" is sterility. The cream should be applied to the affected area of ​​the skin in a thick layer, approximately 2-3 millimeters, 2-3 times a day. The cream should completely cover the wound, if part of it opens, the procedure should be repeated. Sometimes, as a result of the application of "Argosulfan", exudate appears on the skin, that is, pus. Before each application it is required to clean the wound from it with a solution of "Chlorhexidine" or other antiseptic. This drug is used and under the bandage. Make sure that the bandage is sterile. Contains detailed information on the use of this ointment ("Argosulfan") instructions for use.

Argosulfan analogues substitutes

Analogs and Substitutes

In pharmacies, the price for "Argosulfan" starts at 300rubles. The cost, in general, is quite acceptable, given the average price category of drugs in our time. However, you can look for cheap analogs for "Argosulfan" ointment. One such cream is Dermazin. He will cost you a hundred rubles cheaper. The active substance in it is silver sulfadiazine, while in "Argosulfan" it is silver sulfatiazole. However, in general, the effect of these creams is identical. "Dermazin" is also used for various burn infections, for wound healing, trophic ulcers and the like. But he has much more contraindications, so carefully read the instructions. In addition to the same as the original drug, "Dermazin" has a number of additional. With caution, it should be taken to people with kidney failure, since it is poorly excreted. Also, with a large wound area, the concentration of sulfadiazine may exceed the allowable concentration. It is necessary in this case to regularly take a urine test. In addition, it can provoke leukopenia and thrombocytopenia. To prevent this, it is worth checking the blood.

The simpler, the better

Even cheaper will cost ointment "Streptocide" - itwill cost you 200 rubles cheaper than "Argosulfan". Analog is sold in any pharmacy, has a familiar name. Its active substance is sulfonamide. "Streptocide" is one of the first tools of the sulfonamide group. It has the least amount of contraindications - it is enough to just use more fluids to help the kidneys in its excretion. Since the streptocide has a pronounced antibacterial and antiseptic effect, it is especially effective in skin lesions: ulcers, wounds, rosacea, furuncles. It is used even for the treatment of cystitis.

Argosulfan cheap analogues

What to choose: "Argosulfan", analog or wait until it passes by itself?

Some household cuts people prefer at allDo not treat, hoping for the notorious ability of the skin to regenerate. At the beginning of this article, we have already written about the consequences that this may turn out. In addition to contaminating the blood, you risk also for the rest of your life to remain with an ugly scar, since a long unhealed wound can completely leave it. Therefore, it is better to always have in the immediate accession some kind of wound healing cream. In addition to "Argosulfan", there are cheaper, as well as more expensive analogues. This is the well-known "Depanthenol", Vishnevsky's odorous ointment, and ichthyol ointment, and "Levomekol". Which of them should you prefer? Perhaps you already have a remedy that has helped you to heal the wounds quickly, and you know exactly what to call the pharmacist in the pharmacy. But if nothing effective you have not yet come across, read the reviews on "Argosulfan", perhaps this is exactly what you need.

Argosulfan analog cream

Testimonials of grateful patients

There are many testimonies of people who are in directsense of the word on their skin tried "Argosulfan". Analogues, the substitutes for this tool sometimes do not cope with the task. Some patients write that no remedy helped them until they tried Argosulfan, only after that the wounds began to heal. Some with this ointment treat even cracks on the heels. Often use the drug for burns. In this case "Argosulfan" also helps very well. The analogue of this means, which he was treated at the beginning, - "Panthenol" - did not give any results to many. Many users give it to "Argosulfan" preference as a home remedy.

Skin is our skin, and it is just as important asand what's inside. Therefore, her diseases must be treated with great attention. Moreover, skin injuries can bring quite significant suffering. To facilitate them and quickly reduce to a minimum, the "Argosulfan" ointment will help you. Analogues can also be very effective, especially since there are a lot of them on the pharmaceutical market. We hope that our article has helped you to determine at least in general terms what might suit you.

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