Rotavirus vaccine: is it worth doing or not?

Today you and I will be interested in the vaccine fromrotavirus. This vaccination is not mandatory, but many are thinking about how to make it to your child. Is it worth doing this? What is rotavirus in general? Than it is dangerous? What are the consequences of vaccination? All of the rotavirus infection and vaccine against it will be presented later. Think carefully before you vaccinate your baby. Maybe, it is not needed at all.

rotavirus vaccination

Rotavirus is ...

First, let's see what infection we havea business. This issue is extremely important. After all, it is always important to know what kind of disease is involved. Rotavirus is an infection that is the most common cause of vomiting and diarrhea in babies. Usually it is mild, but complications may occur.

As practice shows, most often rotavirusthe disease occurs in children under the age of 5 years. The older the child, the less the risk of occurrence of certain side effects. In principle, some rotavirus are not afraid. To some extent, this is correct. The vaccine from rotavirus is not included in the list of mandatory, and therefore, you can abandon it without any problems. But how dangerous is this disease? Why do many parents still carry out the appropriate vaccination?

Danger of disease

The thing is that rotavirus infection canbe quite dangerous. For adults and already grown-up children, it does not cause much harm. Unpleasant, goes after a while and a lethal outcome or serious complications does not bring.

But if we talk about small children (just theymost often suffer from rotavirus), then here everything is a little different. After all, this disease leads to dehydration of the body. It, in turn, will be extremely dangerous, as it can lead to a lethal outcome. Not so often, but such cases have happened.

In addition, rotovirus infection is capable oflead to problems with the intestines. For example, intussusception of the intestines. Only there is another small moment that will have to be taken into account - the vaccination against rotavirus will not protect the child from this effect.

In other words, our current diseaseIt is dangerous because it leads to dehydration of the body. And of course, it is accompanied by various symptoms of infection - vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, fever and general malaise. We'll have to take this into account.

vaccination against rotavirus feedback

At what age do

Many people think at what age to startvaccinate if a vaccination decision has been taken. And here, as a rule, there are no clear limitations. The vaccination against rotavirus is practically not done for adults. Moreover, it almost does not bring any effect and a positive result. But children - easily.

At what age is the first vaccination carried out? In general, it is recommended to spend it no later than 2 months of the baby's life. In fact, vaccination against rotovirus infections for children up to one year often helps protect the still fragile organism from danger.

By the way, vaccination is carried out in 2 stages. That is, you have to do a second vaccination. And it should not be later than 8 months of the baby's life. It is desirable, as the doctors say, to vaccinate the child again at 4 months. This approach will reduce the risk of infection. But is the vaccine safe? Should I really do it? What do doctors and parents think about this?

Variety of the virus

To be honest, here opinions are divided. And it is difficult to say exactly which vaccines are received from rotavirus. Each parent must come to this or that conclusion.

The first reason some people refusefrom vaccination is nothing more than the diversity of rotavirus infection. You can compare it with the flu. That is, often vaccination can not protect the baby from all the varieties of our current disease. It follows that the risk of infection still occurs. So, there is no point in vaccination. This is how certain parents assure. Often after vaccination, children are still infected with rotavirus. Not the best outcome, especially after vaccination. This all suggests that the vaccine against rotavirus is not very effective. In any case, after it still there is a possibility of infection due to the variety of infection.

inoculation from rotavirus for children

Not dangerous

What else can you pay attention to? For example, the fact that the vaccine against rotavirus reviews gets a variety from the parents. Some refuse to vaccinate because they consider this disease is not too dangerous.

In principle, so it is. If you consider the symptoms of this, you can see: rotovirus infection - it's vomiting and diarrhea. Not too dangerous, if you think about it. As some parents assure, our today's disease itself is not more dangerous than the most common food poisoning. And to cope with it easily. So, vaccination against rotavirus for children (and adults too) does not make any sense. After all, sometimes it's easier to get sick with some sort of infection, then to it there was immunity (or at least the body was ready for a second collision) than to vaccinate and fight the consequences. But parents must decide this independently.


Another reason whyRotavirus children receive feedback is not the best (or rather, as an ineffective vaccination). Doctors point out the ineffectiveness of this at a certain age. That is, in fact, the timing of this procedure is limited.

As already mentioned, rotovirus infectionschildren are most often ill at an early age, up to about 5 years. But the inoculation against rotavirus for children in 2 years already loses its effectiveness. That is, at this age there is already no point in vaccination. So doctors assure. If you do not decide on the procedure at an early age of the child, then when he grew up, there is no point in the vaccine. After all, in medicine today most doctors insist on a lot of vaccinations, even those that are not on the mandatory list by standards.

In other words, if it is a very smallto a child (approximately up to 8-12 months), then vaccination makes sense. But with age, he is lost. It turns out that the decision depends on how old the kid is.

vaccination against rotavirus in children reviews

Optional vaccination

It can also be assumed that the superfluousonce a child is vaccinated against rotavirus infection only because this process is not included in the mandatory list. In other words, it is held at will. You may be offered an inoculation at a polyclinic, but a direct decision is made on your own.

In Russia it is accepted recently to refusefrom superfluous inoculations. Especially for children. Too many unpleasant consequences in practice pop up after the kids. The vaccination from rotovirus infections to adults, as we have already explained, does not make any sense. And children at a certain age from her will be of little use. Hence, it is quite logical to either hurry up with the vaccination, or completely abandon it.

If you trust only mandatory vaccinations,then from rotavirus it is not necessary to inoculate a child. In particular, if your baby is already strong immunity. After all, these children, as a rule, have a reduced risk of infection. Why then torture the child once again? This is an extra stress for the baby, and for his body.

Not for all

Unambiguously, this vaccination should not be done ifyour child has some serious health problems. Even doctors say that vaccination against rotavirus infections is not suitable for everyone. There are a number of restrictions that simply prohibit the process.

vaccination against rotavirus for children to what age

For example, children with low immunity (tooweak) can not be vaccinated. In any case, until their organisms get stronger. In this case, doctors prescribe an individual vaccination plan at the request of the parents.

Chronic diseases of severe form, as well aspropensity to allergic reactions - these are regular items that generally prohibit vaccination against rotavirus. With such phenomena, you do not even have to think about the process. You will simply forbid doctors to do the vaccination. And will warn you about how dangerous the non-compliance with these restrictions.

Any disease in severe form can servethe reason for refusing to vaccinate. In other words, it is impossible to get an inoculation against rotavirus, if the baby has some severe illnesses. This includes vomiting and diarrhea. In such circumstances, it is worthwhile to postpone the process until full recovery. And only then decide again, so whether you need this vaccine. After all, many, as already said, abandon it.


Before carrying out this or that vaccination,It is worth to learn about what this process can lead to. After all, vaccinations often do not pass without certain consequences. Some they are able to alienate from vaccination.

With rotavirus infections everything is much more complicated,than with most other diseases. Why? The thing is that, as already said, at a certain age, vaccination becomes meaningless. And it does not give 100% guarantee that the child will not become infected with this infection.

In addition, the consequences after vaccination are not tooplease. They can be much more serious than from any other vaccine. For example, as already mentioned, a baby may have intussusception of the intestines. This is not a very frequent but dangerous phenomenon. They suffer 1 child from 100 000 vaccinated. Already this indicator repels many and forces to refuse procedure.

vaccination against rotavirus in children 2 years old

A number of light consequences are also noted. Although they are not too pleasant. After all, often after vaccination against rotavirus, babies have diarrhea, vomiting, upset stomach, fever, there is weakness and lethargy. Do not exclude excessive irritability, tearfulness. Do not forget about allergic reactions! They too often manifest themselves. Children who are not prone to allergies often develop a rash or irritation on the skin. In principle, it is not too dangerous. But sometimes you can confuse the disease with the consequences of vaccination.

Strong immunity

The vaccine from rotavirus is what manythink about. After all, to do it or not is a difficult question. On the one hand, any vaccination is an additional guarantee that the child will not get sick. True, this is not always the case. On the other hand, in our case, the probability of a collision with rotavirus infection after the procedure is not greatly reduced. As already mentioned, the effectiveness of vaccination is not particularly high.

Among other things, doctors assure - in the bodya person to rotavirus eventually develops persistent immunity without any additional measures. If a child by the age of five years already several times (at least 2) will suffer this disease, then he gets a rather large resistance to the virus. That is, it is better to get sick several times and get a permanent immunity to the disease than to constantly get vaccinated, which will not be completely protected from it.


So we found out that the inoculation from rotavirus to children up to what age is done and whether it brings effectiveness. But it remains unclear - whether to agree to vaccination or not.

Inoculation against rotovirus infections for children under one year of age

Everyone must decide this question for himself. In general, everything depends on many factors. If your child is quite resistant immunity, there is nothing to be afraid of. And if you consider that rotovirus infections are complete, and vaccination often leads to the development of immunity to only one species, then there is no special meaning.

Yes, a rotavirus vaccine can sometimes helpto secure the child. Especially at an early age. But, as practice shows, it is better to have an infectious disease several times and get immunity to it than to constantly vaccinate a child. Our case is not an exception. So it is recommended not to vaccinate the child once again, if you do not want it yourself. Remember that the vaccine against rotavirus does not give 100% guarantee that the child will not become infected. So, it does not make much sense.

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