From what are the veins in the hands of the guy visible?

Why are the veins in the boy's arms swelling? This question is asked by many women. The vessels appearing under the skin are visible on the hands of the stronger sex, whose activities are associated with significant physical stress. The bulging veins on the hands of the guys also manifest themselves in the conduct of active lifestyles, the employment of power sports.

vein in the hands of a guy


Why do the guys see the veins on their hands? The latter can show through the physiological characteristics of the body. More often, such manifestations are characteristic of "sinewy" men. With age, the skin loses its elasticity. In the absence of an abundance of fatty deposits, older men may also have veins. If this does not feel pain, other discomfort, there is no cause for concern.

The veins in the hands of the guy can manifest themselves in view ofhereditary features of the structure of the body. Often protruding blood veins are observed in the owners of thin skin, lean people. They are especially noticeable on the back surface of the brush.

why do the guys see the veins on their hands

Under the skin veins in the arms of theguy with an increase in atmospheric pressure, as well as in hot weather. As a result of an increase in the ambient temperature, the blood begins to circulate faster, and the vessels expand. On the contrary, in the cold weather, the previously protruding veins are virtually invisible.


As is known, a hidden motive in communication betweensex is a manifestation of sexuality. How does this affect the convex veins in the hands of the guys whose photos are presented in this material? The logic here is this: women, like physically weak creatures, tend to seek protection from a strong man. As practice shows, the vast majority of guys who have an outstanding muscle mass, do have convex veins on their hands. This, in turn, activates in the female consciousness a certain symbolic chain of reflection. Thus, guys with piercing veins under the skin are more attracted to girls at a subconscious level.

bulging veins on the hands of the guys photo

Another hidden motive is the association betweenprominent veins and male diligence. Female consciousness suggests that wiry men are not afraid of work, and therefore will be good at coping with heavy household chores.

With regard to the appearance of distinctly visible veinson women's hands, such manifestations are regarded by the ladies as an obvious lack of appearance and even ugliness. In fact, such a phenomenon in girls looks quite rude, especially on thin legs.

Prevention of the formation of protruding veins in the arms

If a man or woman wishes visually to remove the veins that appear under the skin, the situation can be corrected by applying the following preventive solutions:

  • To begin with, it is necessary to reduce the level of physical exertion on the upper limbs, excluding from the daily routine employment on the simulators, lifting all kinds of weights.
  • The veins in the hands of the guy can become unobtrusive,if the body is warmed up regularly. The volume of veins will decrease with time as a result of improvement of the circulatory processes. In particular, the maintenance of the venous outflow of blood is facilitated by the retention of the hands in the raised position.

protruding veins on the hands of the guys

  • To protrusion veins are not sovisible, enough to work on changing the daily diet, enriching the latter with fresh fruits and vegetables. In products of this category contains a whole mass of useful enzymes that dilute blood, normalize blood pressure, increase the tone of blood vessels.
  • Make prominent streaks practicallyimperceptible water procedures allow. Regularly taking a contrast shower, after a short time you can see the positive changes. Exposure to the body with water of different temperatures activates the work of the heart muscle, and also exerts a relaxing effect on the body tissues.


In fact, the attractiveness of outstanding veins onhands is a rather controversial issue. You have to face such a physiological feature only to the extent of well-fed men or to guys of athletic complexion. Owners of thin, filiform limbs absolutely do not adorn their own appearance with the presence of protruding blue venous veins.

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