What happens if you sneeze with your eyes open? Research of scientists

what will happen if you sneeze with your eyes open

This issue is of great interest not only to us, but also tofirst of all scientists who wanted to find out what would happen if they sneezed with their eyes open. Absolutely, any living person on our planet sometimes sneezes, but few wonder why we close our eyes and what can be if we sneeze with the open. Let's start with the process of sneezing, which can be called the protective mechanism of our respiratory system. When a person sneezes, there is a direct irritation of the trigeminal nerve, which takes a direct part in the process of innervation of our eye. If this nerve is in a calm state, then our eyes may be open, but with the slightest irritation, whether we like it or not, the eye closes reflexively. Therefore, there is such a curious question: what happens if you sneeze with your eyes open? The whole solution lies in a complex mechanical process. And such a reaction of our body, we can say, protects us. In what sense?

with your eyes open you can sneeze

Hard-to-reach goal

If even for a second to imagine the pressure andthe speed of the exhaled air, then the question of what will happen if you sneeze with your eyes open, will no longer arise. The speed is almost 150 km per hour! And our eyes can simply not withstand such a strong pressure and, as they say, "fly out" of the orbits! The fact is, of course, from the genus of fiction, but it has its own explanation. At the same time there are always lovers of experiments and willing to experience what will happen if you sneeze with your eyes open. But here's the problem - it's very difficult to do this. According to scientists, you can sneeze with your eyes open, but this will require conscious use of the central nervous system. And this is very few people succeed. Since these critical situations are difficult to achieve, scientists give a number of additional reasons why we close our eyes when we sneeze. Knowing how difficult we are, and understanding for what purpose these mechanisms serve, we will no longer think about what will happen if we sneeze with our eyes open, and we will be glad that everything is going as it should.

Than closing of eyelids

when we sneeze

Sneezing with your eyes open is quite difficult,because our nasal mucosa, eyeball, eyelids, and also the tear glands are permeated through the trigeminal nerve and its endings. If the end data is irritated, then all involuntary reactions occur in the form of blinking or sneezing. All such signals converge in one center - this is the medulla oblongata. The remaining centers responsible for sneezing and closing of the eyelids are located nearby. If one center, for example, sneezing is excited, then automatically adjacent and on the closing of the eyelids. This explains our reaction: sneezing, we begin to involuntarily screw up our eyes. A similar process is also at the basis of the mechanism of the light sneezing reflex. If we get a bright light in our eyes, we do not just close them, but we can also start sneezing involuntarily. As you can see, sneezing is a very complex and interesting mechanism.

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