Useful properties and application of bischofite

bischofite application

Over a hundred years ago, an amazinga mineral with unusual properties. They called it "bischofite". It lies deep in the depths and is analogous to the salts of the Dead Sea. But it is believed that, in contrast to them, the bischofite has more useful properties. It contains a large amount of magnesium and calcium, as well as iodine, bromine and iron. It is believed that this is the salt of the Permian period, and it can be extracted only by drilling wells at great depths. The use of bischofite is possible in many industries. Most often it is used for treatment, but it is also needed in construction, agriculture and the chemical industry. Absolute harmlessness for humans and animals makes bischofite the best antipyretic.

Composition and useful properties of bischofite

This salt is also called "magnesium chloride". It dissolves easily in water and does not contain toxins and harmful impurities. A lot of mineral compounds that make up its composition are in a form easily assimilated for humans. They are the catalyst of all biologically important processes in the body. The use of bischofite promotes relaxation, increases immunity and tissue regeneration. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous and antimicrobial effect.

Optimum content of minerals and largethe amount of magnesium makes it the best anti-ice agent that does not harm road surfaces, cars and pedestrians, but it protects the road from the formation of an ice crust even in severe frosts. This feature of its composition makes it possible to use bischofite in construction for the production of artificial stone and bulk floors and for the processing of seeds in agriculture. But most of all this drug is known as a remedy.

Poltava bischofite application

Bischofite in medicine

Most often it is used in a sanatoriumor physiotherapeutic treatment in the form of baths, compresses and applications. It is most effective in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, in cosmetology and dermatology. Now Poltava bischofite became the most famous. It is possible to produce it independently, as special salts for baths, gels, ointments and even solutions for internal use on its basis have been created.

After a course of procedures with magnesium chloride passesfatigue, headaches and sleep disorders. Bishofit cures sciatica, arthrosis, heel spurs and atherosclerosis. It is effective for cosmetic problems, as it has antioxidant properties, smooths and rejuvenates the skin, makes it supple and even fights against cellulite. The use of bischofite has almost no contraindications, except for individual intolerance. In addition, it is not recommended to apply compresses to children and people with skin lesions, since saline may cause irritation.

bischofite application price

Ways of using bischofite

It is recommended to use at homea ready-made solution for compresses. Pre-sick site warmed up with a blue lamp or a warmer for about 5 minutes. A slightly warmed bischofite is poured into a saucer and, dipping fingers, rubbed into the body. Then you need to wet the gauze with the rest of the solution and attach it to the sore spot. It is not recommended to compress on a very large area.

It is possible to dilute the salt in the proportions indicated inlabel, and make bathtubs or microfibre for feet and hands. In the form of many gels and ointments, bischofite is used. Its price is low, often not much more than 100 rubles, which allows it to be used by all.

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