Physical exercises with osteochondrosis. For or against?

Osteochondrosis of the spine is not without reasondisease of the century, because it affects more than 80% of people older than 25 years. The scientist still does not understand what is osteochondrosis: a disease or a natural aging of the body? However, almost all of them in the voice declare that it is physical exercises in osteochondrosis that help to get rid of severe back pain and to avoid exacerbation of the disease. Before you start, you should know that in addition to osteochondrosis, the cause of back pain may be problems with the genitourinary system, kidneys and tumorous formations. Therefore, it is possible to make a decision on occupations only after preliminary examination with a gynecologist, urologist, surgeon.

Exercise during an exacerbation

Do not forget that during the period of exacerbationosteochondrosis physical exercises with exercise, fitness or sports are contraindicated. More recently, patients with acute osteochondrosis were prescribed a bed rest, but such an approach did not lead to improvement. And only increased the period of incapacity for the patient, so he had to give up. Modern medicine recommends only those physical exercises for osteochondrosis, which are related to physical therapy. In this case, the classes should be conducted exclusively under the supervision of experienced specialists who monitor the patient's condition and can timely adjust the course of medical exercises.

Physical exercises with osteochondrosis under the supervision of specialists

To this day, there are specialists whorecommend patients with osteochondrosis to avoid the slightest physical exertion, and their opponents, recommending the maximum to pump the muscles. Unfortunately neither one nor the other can not be absolutely right, since a strong muscular corset is simply necessary for a patient with osteochondrosis, and excessive physical exercises can provoke an exacerbation of the disease. It's best to start classes at a fitness club that has a license for medical activities. There it can be done under the supervision of a specialist and receive appropriate recommendations on the course of the training. If this is not available in your area, then physical exercises with osteochondrosis can be done independently, but with great care.

Dangerous and safe exercises for osteochondrosis

One of the safest types of physicalThe load belongs to aqua aerobics, and although it does not have the drawbacks inherent in normal physical exercises, one should be very careful about your feelings and in no case do physical exercises through pain and discomfort, especially if exercise enhances these sensations. From group sessions with osteochondrosis, you can pay attention to yoga and pilates, but here also the basic rule remains - one can not perform physical exercises through pain and discomfort. Despite all its grace and aesthetics, oriental dances are not shown to women with osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine. It is also not recommended to use step-platforms, twists and percussion techniques. Power aerobics, which uses bars, dumbbells, bodybuilders is not recommended for osteochondrosis. Slopes with weights, as well as turns with the overcoming of inertia of the projectile.

What physical exercises for osteochondrosis will be useful?

Experts recommend choosing a complexexercises for osteochondrosis, which will include lunges, push-ups, squats, pleie, exercises for hands with weights. Given the nature of their disease, you can vary the degree of workload and exclude those exercises that can harm the health. Doing health sport for osteochondrosis is not contraindicated, but running and jumping is best restricted. Hiking will benefit the patient, do not give up cycling and swimming.

Getting to work with osteochondrosis, in the firstturn to assess your condition and do not allow the slightest overload, and then the charge will actually bring you joy, energy and vitality.

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