Intramuscular injection. Description of the procedure

A person may find himself in a situation where heit will be necessary to inject a shot intramuscularly. Sometimes it happens that you have to ask for injections of relatives. In some cases, you need to know how to put yourself a shot yourself. However, experts recommend that, if possible, injections are made in specialized medical institutions.

how to give yourself a shot

Description of the procedure

It is believed that the safest and most convenient place,where you can make an intramuscular injection, is the buttock area. In this zone there are many lymphatic and blood vessels. Thanks to this, the drug dissolves more quickly. For injection, the place of the buttock is selected, in which a significant layer of tissue is present, large vessels and nerve endings near the injection do not pass. Before the introduction of the drug, the zone is divided into four parts. Intramuscular injection is done in the upper outer square. If the injection is produced in another part of the buttock, the sciatic nerve can be damaged. This, in turn, can cause complete or partial paralysis of the limbs.

intramuscular injection

The length of the syringe needle depends on the thickness of the subcutaneousfatty layer of the patient. Intramuscular injection is recommended in the supine position on the side or on the stomach. In the first case, the leg located above should be bent at the knee. In the supine position, the toes should be turned inwards. This ensures maximum muscle relaxation, so the needle enters smoothly.

The volume of the syringe depends on the amount ofpreparation. Before the injection, you should wash your hands or wipe them with napkins moistened in an antiseptic alcohol-containing solution. If the medicine is in the form of a powder, then it should be added distilled water or novocaine. The container with the drug should be shaken, then take the medication into the syringe and tap lightly on its body. So the air bubbles will rise to the base of the needle. Before administration, a small amount of the drug must be released. With it, the air will also be released.

Administration of the drug

intramuscular injection
In case the patient has excess weight,it is recommended to slightly stretch the skin, and if the patient is thin, then, on the contrary, it is necessary to coat a little skin. The most crucial moment is considered to be the process of insertion of the needle itself. According to experts, the more determined the actions, the less painful the sensations. The cap should be removed from the needle and inserted quickly into the muscle. The medicine must be injected by gently pressing the plunger of the syringe.

If for the first time the needle has entered a little deeper, thisnot scary. Next time, when doing an intramuscular injection, you need to be more careful. After the introduction of the drug should be, holding the skin, gently remove the needle. The injection site is pressed with cotton wool soaked in alcohol. In order for the movements to be more confident, experts recommend training on any fruit, orange or grapefruit, for example.

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