Verapamil: instruction.

"Verapamil" refers to a group of drugs-blockers of calcium channels. This drug has antihypertensive, antiarrhythmic and anti-anginal action.

Form and composition of the issue.

In the drug "Verapamil", the tablets contain the active substance verapamil hydrochloride.

Additional substances include:

• disubstituted calcium phosphate;

• magnesium stearate;

• gelatin;

• butyl hydroxy anisole;

• hydroxypropylmethylcellulose;

• purified talcum powder;

• starch;

• titanium dioxide;

• indigocarmine;

• methylparaben.

The medicine "Verapamil". Instruction: indications.

The drug is prescribed to patients in the following situations:

• Prinzmetal angina;

• Stenocardia of tension;

• flicker and flutter in the atrium;

• Vasospastic angina pectoris;

Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia;

• unstable angina;

• supraventricular extrasystole;

• rest angina;

• arterial hypertension.

In other situations, you should not take this medication, or only with the permission of your doctor.

The drug "Verapamil". Instruction: contraindications.

"Verapamil" is contraindicated in the following cases:

• weakness syndrome in the sinus node;

• Morgagni-Adams-Stokes syndrome;

• pronounced bradycardia;

• Sinotrial blockade;

• age less than 18 years;

• AV blockade 2 and 3 degrees;

• simultaneous reception with beta-blockers;

• cardiogenic shock;

• Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome;

• heart failure, in chronic form;

• Hypersensitivity to "Verapamil";

• heart failure, in acute form.

If you have any of the above problems, the drug is strictly prohibited. Try to find an analogue of the drug or some other alternative.

In addition, it must be taken with extreme caution in the following situations:

• arterial hypotension;

• heart failure of I-II degree;

• expressed by violations in the functions of the liver;

• AV blockade of the 1st degree;

• a bradycardia.

Medicinal preparation "Verapamil". Instruction: overdose.

If the prescribed dosages are exceeded, the organism may be poisoned with an excessive amount of the drug components.

Symptoms of overdose include:

• arterial hypertension;

• Deep loss of consciousness;

• sinus bradycardia;

• Asystole.

To start treatment, enter dopomin,isoproterenol, norepinephrine, or calcium gluconate. That is, they are conducting a course of symptomatic treatment. The whole complexity of the situation depends on the amount of the drug taken.

In this case, hemodialysis is practically not effective.

Medicament "Verapamil". Instruction: side effects.

If you are treated with the drug, despite the fact that it is contraindicated, then there is a great chance of developing side effects.

Side effects include:

The cardiovascular system:

• AV blockade;

• Redness of the face;

• arterial hypotension;

• symptoms of heart failure;

• pronounced bradycardia.

Digestive system:

• Constipation;

• nausea;

• transient increase in activity in hepatic transaminases;

• vomiting.


• headache;

• retardation;

• increased fatigue;

• dizziness;

• increased nervous excitability.

Allergic problems:

• itching;

• skin rash.

If such symptoms are found, it is recommended thatcancel the drug, and consult a doctor for help. They should help you get rid of or reduce the effect of side effects and, if possible, prescribe another medicine that will not affect your body so.

Terms and conditions of storage.

The drug should be stored in a sufficiently dry place, the temperature of which does not exceed the mark of 25 degrees.

The place should not be accessible to children.

The medicine is suitable for 3 years. After that, they can not be treated.

Terms of sale in pharmacies.

To buy the drug "Verapamil" - a prescription is required.

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