Means "Rocefin". Instructions

The tool "Rocefin" instruction describes howa drug that has a bactericidal, antibacterial effect. A medicament in the form of a powder is prepared for the preparation of a solution for injection. The active substance is ceftriaxone.

Injection of the drug "Rocefin" instruction allows the implementation of intravenous and intramuscular.

For patients over the age of twelve,the drug is one to two grams per day. In severe disease, as well as in pathologies whose pathogens exhibit moderate sensitivity to the active component, the daily dosage can be increased to four grams.

Newborns (up to two weeks of life) are prescribed twenty to fifty milligrams per kilogram once a day. When calculating the dosage, there is no difference between preterm and full-term children.

Patients from the fifteenth day of life to the age of twelve are prescribed twenty to eighty milligrams per kilogram once a day.

If the weight of the child exceeds 50 kg, prescribe a dose, as for an adult.

Intravenous drip introduction is slow (especially doses of fifty milligrams per kilogram), not less than half an hour.

Duration of therapy with the drug "Rocefin"Instruction for use recommends the establishment of taking into account the course of pathology. After normalizing the temperature level and eradication (destruction) of the pathogen, it is necessary to continue the injection of the drug for another forty-eight or seventy-two hours.

The drug "Rocefin" instruction recommends whenbacterial meningitis in infants and young children to start with a dose of one hundred milligrams per kilogram (not more than four grams) once a day. After detection of the pathogen and its sensitivity, the dosage of the drug is adjusted according to the data. The optimal duration of treatment for meningococcal meningitis is four days, with meningitis provoked by a Pfeiffer (a haemophilus stick) rod-six days caused by pneumococcus-a week.

With Lyme disease, Borreliosis is prescribed fifty milligrams per kilogram (not more than two grams) per day for children and adults. Duration of therapy is fourteen days.

With gonorrhea, the drug "Rocefin" instruction recommends the introduction of a single dose of 250 milliliters.

The medicine can be used as apreventive agent in the postoperative period. In accordance with the degree of infectious risk, 1 to 2 grams are prescribed once for thirty to ninety minutes before the intervention begins.

For patients with impaired renal activity, dosage adjustment is not necessary in the absence of changes in liver function.

In severe hepatic and renal insufficiencyduring the treatment it is necessary to systematically determine the content of the active ingredient of the "Rocefin" drug in the blood and adjust the dosage as necessary.

Despite the ability of the solution to maintain its chemical and physical stability within six hours, the drug should be administered immediately after preparation.

The color of the ready-for-injection mixture can be from amber to pale yellow. The color of the solution does not affect the tolerability or efficacy of the drug.

Ready for injection mixture is not allowed to add or mix with other antibiotics due to possible incompatibility.

About the drug "Rocefin" reviews of experts in most cases, positive. Doctors note the high effectiveness of the antibiotic, as well as its good tolerability.

Powder "Rocefin" must be stored whena temperature not exceeding thirty degrees, in a dark place. The prepared solution for injection is stored at room temperature for no longer than six hours. Shelf life of the drug is three years.

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