Samsung external battery: how to choose a universal device

Owners of powerful smartphones are often faced withThe fact that charging on the device ends at the most inopportune moment. Most often, such a problem arises in the owners of Samsung products. This is not surprising, because modern gadgets implemented a huge functionality, which makes them not just a means of communication, and full-fledged multimedia centers. To once and for all solve the problem of a discharged phone, it is enough just to buy an external battery for Samsung or a gadget from any other manufacturer. However, before buying it is recommended to clarify the seller a few important details.

external samsung battery

What to look for when choosing

Buy the first external batterySamsung is not worth it, because any electronics should be chosen based on their needs. Among other things, it is important to pay attention to the following characteristics of the device:

  • Capacity. This parameter is indicated in mAh. External battery Samsung should have an indicator that is 2-3 times higher than a similar characteristic of the phone. It should also be taken into account that the actual battery capacity is often too high.
  • Current strength. For older smartphones, it's better to choose a battery for 0.5 A. If you purchase an external battery for the Samsung Galaxy of the new model, it is better to choose more powerful devices with a current strength of 1 A.
  • Number of USB ports. It is desirable to give preference to devices with several connectors, then you can recharge two or three smartphones at the same time.

Also on sale are external Samsung batterieswith additional functions. For example, you can purchase a device with special indicators, a digital monitor, etc. There are batteries that work through Wi-Fi.

External battery life

External batteries for smartphones usually differ in a limited number of complete "charge". Depending on the manufacturer and model of the device, the battery can be used 350 to 1000 times.

Is it worth buying a Chinese "power bank"

Choosing an external battery for Samsung,some consumers meet on sale devices called Power Bank. The cost of these universal devices is several times lower than standard batteries, but most often such products are manufactured by their already used batteries, which do not last long.

external samsung battery

In addition, cheap Chinese "power banks" have a lot of other flaws:

  • The buyer always buys a "cat in a poke". How long the device will last is unknown.
  • With a long time in the sun, the power bank can catch fire.
  • The volume of even the best device may not be enough to charge the phone at least half.

In addition, there were many cases when Power Bank exploded right in the pocket of the user's pants.

external battery for samsung galaxy

Therefore, it's better not to risk and buy an external battery for Samsung from a trusted manufacturer. Consider the most reliable and high-quality devices, according to customers.

The best models

Among the most popular external batteries for phones is the following units:

  • Canyon CNE-CPB44. This portable battery has received the maximum number of positive reviews. Although this type of device belongs to the category "power bank", its power is enough to fully charge the phone. The device with a current strength of 1 A and a capacity of 4400 mAh is suitable for any modern smartphone. The main advantage of the battery is its low cost and long service life.
  • EB-PN915B is an external Samsung battery. Reviews about this device are only positive. The battery has a huge capacity - 11 400 mAh and a current capacity of 2 A. This battery is optimal for the latest models of Galaxy and other powerful and powerful smartphones. In addition to excellent performance, the device is easy to use. The length of the battery wire is 6 meters, which allows you to recharge in any conditions. In addition, the battery is equipped with light indicators.

external battery samsung reviews

  • InterStep PB16800. The energy reserve of this device is 16 800 mAh. Such a charge will suffice even for the most tedious and long trip or flight. Thanks to the convenient case of an elongated shape, the battery is placed in any bag or pocket. The current strength of this gadget is 2 A. However, with such indicators, the battery has a small resource. It is enough for 500 charge.

Given all these nuances, tips and recommendations, you can buy a quality and durable gadget.

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