Native reciever on the "Android": a review of models

Two or three years ago venerable producersavtomagnitolo sharply discussed the problem of expediency of the transfer of their devices from the platform "Windows" to "Android." Skeptics tried to convey their concerns, and optimists boldly objected to them. Nevertheless, fierce opponents of such a transition, as well as supporters, were not seen, that is, people, in fact, were ready for such changes.

Native reciever on android

The first full-time receivers on the "Android"("Toyota Corolla" and RoadRover) confirmed the correctness of the statements of both sides. It so happened that the device did not perform any revolutionary coup on the background of other similar gadgets, but showed a very good prospect for the further development of this direction.

Device Features

Native receivers on the "Android" (4.0, 5.0) provide the user with a completely different service and functionality. Here we have open source code, synergy with various mobile gadgets, a huge amount of software, as well as a high interface speed and ease of management. Next, we will designate a small list, which includes the most sensible models of full-time radio cassette recorders on the Android platform, which have distinguished themselves with a qualitative component and have earned respect from motorists around the world.

Car 4G Edge 3 DM7841

Native reciever on the "Android" series DM7841has a 7-inch screen with a development of 800 by 480 pixels. The device received a good set of chipsets and a quite acceptable amount of operative (1 GB) and internal (4 GB) memory. If the latter is not enough, then you can use third-party drives through the appropriate interfaces.

full-time radio cassettes on android 4 0

In addition, the native receiver on the "Android" Car4G Edge 3 is equipped with wireless modules "Wi-Fi", "Bluetooth" and GPS. Also there is a radio and the ability to watch video content through a TV tuner. As an optional add-on, there is an interface for synchronization with the DVR.

In general, the gadget can be called a hybrid, becauseThe available options are quite enough for the role of the tablet: a 2 MP camera, Internet access, the ability to connect external manipulators (mouse, keyboard), the availability of games and other useful applications.

The cost of the car radio is about 600 $.

Ca-Fi 621000

Model Ca-Fi 621000 is a standard radio cassette recorder("Android" 4.2) with a 6.2-inch screen and a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels. Quite a smart set of chipsets allows you to quietly manage the interface without any friezes, brakes and other lags.

Native reciever on the "Android" Ca-Fi 621000also equipped with wireless modules "Bluetooth", "Wi-Fi" and GPS. There is an opportunity to work with video materials, as well as in the presence of a TV tuner. The device makes it easy to download and use any applications that are compatible with the platform. As for the specific automotive orientation, the programs from Navitel, GoogleMaps and Yandex.Probki work as it should.

native receiver android 4

Also you can note the presence of an extensive librarycodecs, so there will not be any unpleasant nuances with reading and playing even the rarest formats. With the access to the World Wide Web, there were no problems either - the 3G module works without complaints.

Approximate price is about 780 $.

Witson W2-I802

Native reciever on the "Android" Witson W2-I802has a 6.2-inch screen with a development of 800 by 480 pixels. The version of the platform is, finally, obsolete (2.3.4), but it is enough for the existing set of chipsets. Dual-core processor and 512 MB RAM provide smooth interface operation, but "heavy" modern applications can significantly reduce the efficiency of the shell, so it's better not to load the OS with extra garbage.

If the internal memory is not enough (4 GB), thenthere is an opportunity to expand the amount of free space using external SD-cards. As in the first two cases, the device is equipped with wireless modules "Wi-Fi", "Bluetooth" and GPS, as well as a TV tuner for working with video content. In addition, it is possible to connect an external camera or DVR.

Head Units for Android android

The radio tape recorder can boast of multitasking,where the user is available to work with navigation applications in parallel with the radio or music player. In addition, the model received a solid set of codecs, so there will be no conflict problems with audio and video formats.

It is also not unreasonable to note yet anotherinteresting feature of the car radio. The device is able to work with third-party screens, and through independent channels. That is, for example, if in the back seat there is a separate monitor (s), then on it you can view some of its content, different from that which is broadcast for the driver.

Estimated cost is about $ 400.

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