"Samsung Duos" with 2 SIM cards. Instruction and possibilities

South Korean mobile phone manufacturer(now smartphones) for all time of its existence has put dozens of legendary models on the market of cellular devices. It should be noted and the quality with which they are made, and the corresponding hardware stuffing, and much more. However, the company has recently become too proud to approach its importance and clearly inflate prices for products solely because of the brand.

Today we will talk about the phone "Samsung Duos" with2 SIM cards. The instruction for it comes, of course, in the kit, and we'll talk about what the given model can offer potential buyers. But, first of all, we will understand what smartphone will be discussed.

Samsung Duos with 2 sim cards

samsung duos with 2 sim cards instruction

The instruction in the delivery setdevice, can tell you about the initial configuration of the device. Today we are reviewing the Galaxy S model. For the sake of justice, we should note the fact that the smartphone once made a rustle. Now it can rarely be found on the shelves of stores. The goods are no longer produced by the company, the relevant work has been curtailed, and the conveyors at the plants are aimed at manufacturing new and more topical and advanced devices. "Samsung Duos" with 2 SIM cards (the instruction is in the box) can be purchased at the present except perhaps from its former owners.

The offer from "Samsung"

instruction for samsung s7562 galaxy s duos

The device supports the function of two SIM cards. The technology is based on the basic principles of the Dual SIM Always On service. Due to this, it is not possible to skip a call from any subscriber during a voice call going in parallel. If the call was accepted and you are talking to a person on the same telephone line, you can always answer the second call with only a couple of touchings of the sensor. With the operator selection function, you can not just change the connection to the network, but also easily switch from one tariff plan to another. In addition, such opportunities open for you freedom of action in the event that you need to clearly distinguish between calls and personal.

Large display for global tasks

samsung with two sim cards smartphones samsung

"Samsung Duos" with 2 SIM cards (instruction,documentation, warranty card - all this comes as standard) has a display with a diagonal of four inches. Thanks to this indicator, now when reading you do not have to squint to look for one or another symbol in the word. In addition, you can always adjust the font size using the smartphone's engineering menu. This is done very quickly, in a couple of clicks. However, using the device after such a mini-tuning will be inconvenient, believe me! A similar screen diagonal makes it possible to comfortably watch video clips, view photos and pages on the Internet, and read e-books. In this case, it is important not only that the diagonal is four inches, but also that the image is displayed in a sufficiently good quality and with an appropriate level of color rendition.

Moderately fast and powerful

User guide for Samsung S7562 Galaxy S Duos cantell you that the device has a built-in processor running at a clock frequency of 1 gigahertz. Thanks to such indicators, the device works smoothly in multitasking mode, applications open quickly, confidently, and replace each other in a matter of seconds. Wait for the opening of programs for a long time is not necessary.

For a long time are famous for their functional andhardware capabilities of the Samsung device with two SIM cards. Smartphones Samsung is the result of many years of hard work. This model is equipped with a good platform, represented by the operating system of the "Android" family. To be more precise, this is version 4.0. In fact, this means that customers are waiting for improved graphics, many new features, innovative layout. These components will make working with the device simple, comfortable and most enjoyable.

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