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Pioneer DEH-X5600BT is a bright representativegood sound among the numerous radio tape recorders of the company. Many experts note that, even despite the small noise in the upper frequencies, the overall sound picture the device gives out looks rather dense, voluminous and saturated, what competitors of the segment and even some analogues of existing models from Pioner can not boast.

pioneer deh x5600bt

So, the hero of today's review - car receiver Pioneer DEH-X5600BT. Consider the positive and negative aspects of the device, taking into account the opinions of experts and reviews of ordinary users.


The device has distinctive features of design thatare typical for almost all company lines. The model looks a bit stricter than its counterparts - a kind of business version of the radio. Many elements emphasize this style: a button with a handset, an encoder and dynamic highlighting of elements (210,000 variants).

pioneer deh x5600bt reviews

In the rest it's all the same kind old "Pioneer" from a venerable company with unchanging build quality, especially as about the Pioneer DEH-X5600BT model, reviews are left only in a positive way.


For its age-old history, the brand has established itselfas a reliable manufacturer of high-quality audio equipment, because the consumer wants to get a high-quality sound from the radio. On the test benches, the device showed very good results, exceeding the benchmarks by one and a half times.

During listening there is a clear saturationmedium frequencies, and due to this the overall sound picture looks more complete, and the instruments and vocals sound sufficiently collected and dense. The sound volume gets full saturation due to well-perceptible bass, but the transparency and the frequency of sound seem a little soapy due to the high frequencies, plus a small noise is heard at high volume.

The holistic sound picture, which Pioneer DEH-X5600BT gives out, looks pleasant, and long listening to music on the radio tape recorder does not tire and does not cause headaches.


The model has standard dimensions for single-unit devices (1 DIN) - 178 to 50 mm and there is no distinguishing feature of the design among other models.

pioneer deh x5600bt review

The front panel of the radio, as already mentioned above, has a strict and at the same time stylish design, and the perimeter controls are well-lit from an ergonomic point of view.

Front panel, when you press the button in the rightbottom corner, unhindered to remove and with the same ease is inserted into place. It is worth noting that when removing the panel, it does not "shoot" forward and will not be on the carpet of the cabin, as it is securely fixed by special brackets. This feature, judging by the feedback of consumers, has come as many to the soul, as it protects the glossy surface from unexpected falls.

As for the Pioneer DEH-X5600BT backlight,it is performed at a very high level. When you turn on the radio, a smooth change of color is fascinating and exciting. According to the product specification, the device has 210 000 customizable colors, which is more than enough even for advanced gourmets.

pioneer deh x5600bt connectivity

The only thing that users mark in theirreviews as a model failure - this is a dim illumination of the Eject button, which stands out for its nondescriptness against the background of brightly lit controls.

Among other advantages of Pioneer DEH-X5600BT (reviewshow) - that move buttons when compared with similar models, is clearly better: soft, nice and supple, especially you can feel it working with the bottom row of controls.

The volume of music is adjusted by convenient circularencoder, although some users complain about the slippery sphere. With its functionality it will help you navigate through memory cards: folders, files and subsequent selection.

To work with the equalizer there is a special button on the control panel. The scheme will offer you seven ready modes, and each preset can be manually adjusted on separate bands.

Radio tuning is done via the navigation keys, which are also responsible for managing the tracks.

Ports and connectivity

The Pioneer DEH-X5600BT has a wiring diagramlooks quite traditional and does not stand out in anything special. The device is equipped with an antenna output, a standard ISO connector, RCA acoustics, a microphone input, a separate connector responsible for synchronization with the steering console. You can mount the radio tape recorder without attracting specialists by several simple actions. This is another distinguishing feature of the Pioneer DEH-X5600BT.

pioneer deh x5600bt wiring diagram

Connection must occur strictly according to the instructions and preferably "under the supervision" of a knowledgeable person. And although it is difficult to confuse something with editing, an extra pair of eyes during the procedure does not interfere.


The model is equipped with a monochrome displaysingle-line type, due to which the viewing angle is not important in principle. Brightness at different angles practically does not change, remaining saturated and visually pleasing, and the information displayed on the display is fully readable.

In the feedback of users, there are no negative nuances about it, the same can be said about the opinions of specialists - it works, shows - there are no problems.

Additional Features

In addition to radio, CDs and memory cards,The gadget can receive sound from external media via USB-and Aux`In-ports. As a wireless module in the radio, Bluetooth protocol is provided, through which it is easy to connect both a smartphone and any other device that meets the audio stand-ins of the module.

The stand tested the DEH-X5600BT synergy andайфон »the fifth version. Some problems did not arise: the devices immediately found each other, and after synchronization the radio tape recorder showed a list of missed, completed and received calls. Also, using the phone book, you can dial the number directly from the car radio's display, which is very convenient.

The only inconvenient moment, judging by the reviewsusers, there were processes of the answer to a call or its deviation. Both actions are performed with a single button on the radio control panel with a tube icon. Since it is necessary to hold this button for rejecting the call, the probability of answering the call is great, under-holding the element because of the shaking of the car.

The average price for DEH-X5600BT on large Internet sites is slightly more than 7000 rubles.

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