Cellular phone "Samsung 5611" (Samsung GT-S5611): specifications, description, prices. User Reviews

"Samsung 5611" is morean advanced version of its predecessor - the 5610 model. In the category of budget gadgets, this practical and compact phone can give competitors a head start thanks to a multitude of functions and presentable appearance.

samsung 5611


As a material in the manufacture of housingdevelopers used ordinary plastic. It is worth noting that although the assembly looks pretty good, it grieves the keyboard and joystick control keys. You can get used to this sound, but still it is not very pleasant. The buyer will be able to choose a white, silver or black version of the model's coloring.

On the front side of the phone "Samsung 5611"there is a screen, above it there is a conversational speaker, and below it there are control keys. The on / off button of the device is on the right sidewall, the keys adjusting the volume are adjusted on the left. A 3.5 mm headphone socket is located on the top of the phone, here you can find a connector under the micro-USB charger, hidden by a special plug. On the back panel there is a camera, an LED flash and a speaker, from the bottom there is a microphone on the gadget.

samsung gt s5611

Phone "Samsung 5611" has the following dimensions: 49.7 x 118.9 x 12.9 mm and weight 91 g. As you can see, the device turned out to be quite compact, so it is very convenient to carry.


The screen has a standard TFT-matrix and a size of 2.4inch, its resolution is 240 x 320 pixels. The picture on this small display looks quite tolerable even with such a low number of points. The color rendering turned out good, the colors bright enough. Viewing angles are not ideal, but they can not be called a frank minus.

Font and pictures look good on the display,so working with the device is quite convenient - 262 000 colors cope with their function. To carry out some serious tasks on such a small screen, probably no one will. But for the use of ordinary functions, it is quite suitable.


In the phone "Samsung 5611" is installed a single-coreprocessor running at a frequency of 460 MHz. This power is enough for normal work with applications, multimedia functions, as well as for using unpretentious games that do not require a powerful hardware.

Only 256 MB are available for data storage. At first, even this amount of memory is enough to download a number of music tracks to the phone or take a few pictures with the camera. To expand the capacity of the gadget under the battery, there is a slot for microSD memory cards; the model recognizes flash drives up to 16 GB.

Owners of the phone will be pleased with the availability of a decent Bluetooth and the ability to work in 3G networks.


"Samsung 5611" received a high-quality camera,capable of shooting photos with a resolution of 5 megapixels. It is not just ordinary optics embedded in the device just to be there. It makes quite solid and clear pictures both on the street and indoors. Naturally, with a lack of lighting, the picture quality drops sharply, even despite the presence of an LED flash. But if necessary, the optics can capture a good shot even in the dark.

A remarkable work of autofocus is noted,thanks to which I manage to create such good photos. Adjusting the contrast and brightness, produced depending on the conditions, will help to achieve an even more acceptable result of the survey.

phone samsung 5611

There is a small set of various options, among which there are filters, switch between photo and video modes, change the image resolution, flash on / off, and more.

The resolution of the video can not boast of anything - 320 x 240 pixels. However, it is worth noting the frequency of 30 frames per second, because of what the image is not particularly slow and looks very good.

Sound and audio player

With the sound component here all is ambiguous. The player reproduces the melodies through the headphones, of course, about the quality basses and other interesting functions inherent in applications of more expensive models, there is no question, but still you can listen to your favorite tracks on this device. The downside is that the system does not recognize Cyrillic and long song names.

samsung 5611 reviews

The gadget has a fairly quiet spokenspeaker, so the interlocutor is not very well audible. Speaker for calls and listening to music has an average volume and quality. For fans of radio, the device's creators have provided FM-receiver.


The battery in Samsung GT S5611 turned out prettymodest, only 1000 mAh. But it's worth remembering the small screen and the weak stuffing of the phone, so with moderate use the device is quite capable of living five days without additional recharging. The developers say that in the talk mode the model operates for about 5 hours, and in the standby mode - 310 hours. Indicators are not so bad, so to cons of such a battery should not be counted.


Price Samsung GT S5611 turned out enoughhigh: from 3 778 to 5 900 rubles. Even considering some of the undeniable advantages of the device, it is clearly overstated - undoubtedly, the South Korean manufacturer threw a little for the brand. If we talk about the model itself, then we have a classic budget with several advantages and disadvantages. The screen is very small, but high-quality. Due to the small size of the display, low resolution is not particularly noticeable. Pleased with a good camera with a set of necessary functions and with the ability to shoot good videos. The design of the case is not bad, but the keystrokes are very embarrassing. The device is capable of recognizing cards only up to 16 GB, while many cheaper and modest devices work stably with flash drives up to 32 GB. In general, the phone is not bad, but many will be repelled by the inflated price.

samsung 5611 rating

Samsung 5611: customer reviews

Owners in the majority prefer the previous model of the device: consider, that it has turned out more convenient, durable and workable.

Some buyers had problems with creating a playlist in the player, as well as launching tracks through the memory card.

The speaker "Samsung 5611", the characteristic of which inIn most cases, the negative, the buyers seemed too quiet. Also criticized is the phone book, working with which is quite uncomfortable: the name of the contact holds a maximum of 20 characters. Owners are confused by the sound of the camera, which can not be turned off.

Many scold the system for various glitches and long processing of information. Others, on the contrary, are quite satisfied with the functioning of the stuffing machine.

There are problems with the battery. About its "survivability" opinions vary: one charge is enough, for others it is too small. In isolated cases, there was an unauthorized disconnection of the gadget, after the battery was depleted by one division.

The corps did not cause any complaints at all: durable convenient, compact. Users often dropped the phone, but he continued to work normally. Complain except that the lack of original cases, because of what we have to look Chinese, focusing on the size of the case.

samsung 5611 price

The camera liked almost everyone: beautiful and clear pictures, excellent work of autofocus and LED flash. Although formally a light bulb can not be used as a flashlight, there is one trick: we go into the video shooting mode and turn on the backlight, so we get an improvised light source.

Another aspect of the confusing owners of the Samsung 5611 - the price. In their opinion, this bar is overstated because of the brand and does not match the quality of the device.

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