Diet for weight loss. Menu and its variants

Everybody knows perfectly well: in order to lose excess pounds, you need not only to play sports, monitor the regime of the day, but also to adhere to proper nutrition. A true helper in this matter is a diet for weight loss, the menu of which can be the most diverse. First of all, the list of products is made based on the characteristics of the woman's body, and also depending on how much she wants to lose weight. Therefore, now consider a few of the most common food options, and everyone can choose for themselves something suitable.

diet slimming menu

So, the most "high-speed" are consideredshort-term diets. Typically, stick to them you need during the week. The effect of such abstinence is noticeable at once, but it is short-lived. An example is a seven-day diet for weight loss. Its menu can be literally remembered, since it contains exactly 7 products:

1 day - boiled rice (200 grams);

2 day - a potato in a uniform (6 pieces);

Day 3 - hard boiled eggs (6 pieces);

4 day - boiled chicken (400 grams);

5 day - cottage cheese (500 grams, it is possible with sour cream);

6th day - kefir;

Day 7 - water without gas.

Less severe test for the body will be a 20-day diet for weight loss. The menu is divided into three periods:

The first day is hungry, during which you can only drink water, milk or tomato juice.

Then 4 protein days follow. You can drink milk, eat eggs, boiled or fried (but without fat), meat, eat fish, seafood and so on.

carbohydrate diet slimming menu

After that within 6 days it is necessaryto consume exclusively live foods. It can be all kinds of vegetables, fruits, berries. It is worth noting that this period of diet is the most desired, because of natural products you can invent a lot of salads, stew and even pies. It is also worth noting that in the vegetable season there are no restrictions, and in especially large quantities you can consume apples. After 6 days it is necessary to arrange unloading and starve for a day, after which the course is resumed.

The easiest way to create a certain diet,which can be adhered to daily. An excellent example in this case is the so-called eastern diet for weight loss. The menu of this mode of power you can learn quickly, and soon adhere to it will become easy. Early in the morning you need to drink a cup of coffee or tea, you can with a piece of sugar. Closer to noon, we eat one hard-boiled egg, and 8 pieces of plums (can be replaced with prunes) are added to it as a dessert. An hour in 2-3 days we eat boiled meat + cut from cabbage or carrots. For dessert you can eat an orange or a couple of apples. For a snack we cook about 30 grams of hard cheese + fruit - apple or orange. Well, dinner is in one cup of sour-milk product - any, at your discretion.

menu of the Kremlin diet for weight loss

Effective, and at the same time nourishing, is consideredcarbohydrate diet for weight loss. The menu consists in the principle of alternating products containing carbohydrates, so that they are best absorbed. On the first and second day you need to eat low-carbohydrate foods - fat-free cottage cheese, fish, stewed vegetables, beans. Food can be seasoned with vegetable oil. On the third day, we turn to high-carbohydrate products: cereals "Hercules", rice, bread, raisins, you can afford solid varieties of pasta. Well, on the fourth day, it is worth consuming medium-carbohydrate food: bread of coarse grind, vegetable salads, fish, low-fat cottage cheese.

The complete opposite of the previous schedulePower is the menu of the Kremlin diet for weight loss. It is in the minimum consumption of carbohydrates and the emphasis on proteins. It is worth eating as much as possible meat, dairy products, and to them you can attach cucumber, radish, radish or zucchini.

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