Diet AD and the diet of Xenia Borodina. Features and disadvantages

In the desire to get rid of hated kilogramssome girls resort to absolutely stressful methods of losing weight. Among the variety of diets are sparing, complex and simply suicidal, which help to reach a painfully thin body at the cost of one's own health.

Diet AD: Features

diet ad

Based on the name of this diet, you can immediatelyunderstand that it is difficult to comply with her hellishly. This is a special method of fasting for a month or three months. During the diet on certain days, you can take food, the total calorie content of which does not exceed 1000 calories per day. All the rest of the time you can only drink clean water. Based on these conditions, we can safely say that AD-diet is extremely dangerous for health. The results of such mockery will not please you at all. Who wants to have a digestive disorder and a mental disorder right up to anorexia?

If you look at the reviews of this diet, you canfind a lot of feedback from enthusiastic girls, happy with this way of losing weight. Most argue that the diet AD helped them improve the metabolism, speed up the metabolism and incredibly lose weight. However, do not be too gullible to treat everything that is written on the World Wide Web. Any nutritionist will say that for a normal work of the body a woman needs to receive at least 1200 kcal per day. In addition to the fact that this method of losing weight is very harmful, so also not every person is able to sustain such a rhythm for at least a month, not to mention three. And yet women for the sake of imaginary beauty are able to go even to the most horrific trials.

The general principles of any good diet should include the following characteristics:

  • it should not interfere with a normal way of life;
  • any diet should include in your diet proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins;
  • the diet should be aimed at a healthy lifestyle and adherence to a proper diet, and not to achieve painful thinness and a disorder of the internal organs.

ad diet

The AD diet does not possess any of thesequalities. It will help you only to earn unhealthy attitude to food, get dystrophy, cardiac arrhythmia, intestinal obstruction and lack of calcium, which will have a detrimental effect on female beauty. Many people say that if they comply with all the conditions of this diet after a few weeks, the appetite almost completely falls. As a rule, those who have passed the entire course to the end, finish it already on a hospital bed. In addition, as soon as you finish this diet, each discarded gram will return to you instantly, taking with them a couple of friends. Is it worth the AD diet of these hellish efforts? Of course not.

Diet Ksyusha Borodina

Many have noticed how much popularthe TV presenter has grown thin after sorts. Xenia decided to share her way of losing weight. Her diet is designed for 2 weeks, the main component of it are cucumbers. 3-4 pieces of this green vegetable is recommended to eat a day. Sometimes it is allowed to please with vegetable soup or boiled meat. In addition, for breakfast you can eat 2 slices of rye bread.

Ksyusha's diet with a beard
Of course, this diet is quite effective, but ittoo, too limited, and the body does not receive many useful substances. In addition, it is impossible to observe it for those who suffer from peptic ulcer, as cucumbers increase the acidity of the stomach.

In pursuit of an ideal body is bestturn to a healthy diet. And at least you will achieve the result longer, but he will remain with you for a long time, and you will not harm your health!

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