Fennel for weight loss, beauty and health

In ancient times this plant was considered mystical, heattributed property to scare away evil spirits. It is understandable: what to do all evil spirits next to such a beautiful, fragrant, soothing grass? Later, mankind also appreciated its edible qualities. In addition to the fact that fragrant greens are used in food entirely: leaves, roots, stems and seeds - is widely used fennel for weight loss. The effect of removing excess kilograms and harmful deposits from the body is due to laxative and diuretic properties of the plant.

Fennel for weight loss

It is sometimes confused with dill because of the similar greenmass and even called the sweet variety of this plant, but the spicy smell of fennel is closer to anise or liquorice. Not everyone likes this piquant taste, but true connoisseurs manage to make from it real, and at the same simple, culinary masterpieces. Many simply chop greens, season with herbal oil and lemon juice - and a salad with a huge portion of vitamins is ready. It can also be a side dish to any dishes.

A delicious additive to food will not only be freshleaves, but also a fennel bulb. It can be eaten in the form of sliced ​​or grated salads, garnishes in fresh form, with the same success fennel for weight loss and general health can be included in the diet in cooked, paren, baked.

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A special article for true gourmets is the seedsthis plant. They are used as a seasoning for meat dishes, a fragrant additive to baking, and also for getting rid of excess weight. Fennel for weight loss is effective, as already said, entirely, from leaves to roots, but the peculiarity of seeds is that they impair appetite. Dried grain should always be at hand, so that you can effectively lose weight. Reviews of many women say that in the case of another rush to open the refrigerator, it is enough just to chew a few seeds, and the feeling of hunger recedes!

Various pharmacies and teas are offered in pharmaciesfor weight loss. You can buy in the form of a drink and fennel for weight loss. However, if desired, you can prepare the same tea, even better quality, with your own hands. You just need to brew fennel seeds with boiling water, then boil for several minutes and insist for about half an hour. You can drink it in warm and cold. In the latter case, it will also be a fragrant refreshing drink.

Numerous reviews on the means for losing weightoften prefer special procedures: wraps, baths and massage. Well, in that case, the "fragrant green doctor" is in one of the first places. The essential oil of fennel is an unmatched aroma massage for bathing. Do not forget that this plant has also a relaxing, calming nervous system property. Sometimes it takes just a few minutes to breathe in its fragrance, so that all bad thoughts go out of your mind. Including thoughts of hunger.

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If there is a dacha, and in the country - a garden, on itFennel should grow. For weight loss, for flavor, for beauty, the best plant can not be imagined. If there is no land of its own - well, fennel can always be bought in the market or in the store. It is only necessary to remember that only fresh plants are useful, with elastic herbs without buds and with a shiny white or light-green bulb. Eat on health.

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