Bodybar - what is it? Bodybuilding Exercises

Bodybar - what is it? It represents this universal sports projectile - gymnastic stick, which finds the widest application in power aerobics. Individual models of bodybuilders differ in different weights, which are easily determined according to the color designations on the ends of the sports equipment. Manufactured bodibar mainly from steel, which is covered with soft, pleasant to the touch materials.

Use of the exercises with the projectile

bodybuar what is it

Bodybar - what is it, and what is its use? Bodybard is in fact a successful hybrid of barbells and dumbbells. Such a simulator is effective not only when it is necessary to perform strength training, but it can also become an ideal weighting agent, which turns it into one of the most versatile tools for practicing fitness.

If we talk about the parameters of bodybuilders, then their lengthon the average is about 120 cm. As for the weight, it varies between 3-8 kg and must be selected based on the degree of fitness athlete.

Now you can buy this sports equipment in almost every sporting goods store. It is suitable for beginners as well as experienced, advanced athletes.

Why choose a bodybuilder for fitness?

exercises with bodibar

Despite the rather simple construction, the bodybar is distinguished by a whole lot of advantages. Among the main advantages of the simulator in the first place should be allocated:

  • more convenient retention of the projectile in comparison with the same barbells or dumbbells, as a result of which the training becomes much more efficient;
  • uniform distribution of weight throughout the length of the projectile;
  • compactness and small dimensions;
  • the ability to perform the widest range of exercises for building muscle mass and replenish the lack of activity with a sedentary lifestyle;
  • low cost and availability;

Exercises with bodibar are directed primarily atperfection of the figure: posture, chest, press, buttock zones. Regular training with bodibar contribute to the rapid release of excess weight, the acquisition of muscle tone.

What are the benefits of training with bodibar?

what is a bodybuilder

Thanks to the selection of suitable training programsand choosing the correct strategy for handling the simulator, you can quickly adjust the shape of any part of the body. Currently, bodybuilding lessons are becoming increasingly popular among older women, who are much more difficult to maintain the attractive outlines of their own figure.

Basics of training with bodybuilding

Before proceeding to practical applicationsimulator, it is necessary to understand the basic principles of its correct use. The key to effective training with bodybuilding is the application of the principle of a gradual increase in the rate and the number of repetitions.

Regardless of the level of preparation, it is necessary to perform an average of about 20 repetitions per approach. Applying 2-3 approaches to each exercise, you should gradually increase the number of repetitions.

Exercises for the back

What kind of training is suitable for bodybuilding? Exercises, fitness programs aimed at strengthening the muscles of the back, are really effective due to the use of the simulator. With his help, you can bring your back muscles into tone in a short time. It is enough to pick up loads correctly and regularly perform simple exercises.

bodybuilder exercises fitness

For training the back with a body-bobput your feet to the width of your shoulders, bend your knees slightly, clasp the sports equipment with both hands on the edges and perform in this position a smooth inclination forward so that your arms hang down in front of the body. You should tilt your arms while holding the bodybar until the simulator is at the ankle level. In this case, the back should be kept in the most flat position.

Exercises for hands and shoulders

There are a number of effective exercises fortraining the muscles of the shoulder area, which will allow you to perform bodybuilding. What it is? At the heart of such training is the bench press up. To train the muscles of the shoulder girdle with the help of bodybuilding, it is necessary to wrap the sports projectile with the palms on the width of the shoulders, bending the arms in the elbows and pressing the bar to the chest. Then you should smoothly raise the projectile over your head, fully straightening your arms at the elbows. Effective for training the shoulders, such exercises become only when the simulator is suspended over the head for several seconds at each attempt.

bodybuilder for fitness

To train the biceps with the help of bodybuilding,enough to grab the crossbar with the palms outward, press the elbows against the body and perform flexion-extension of the hands in the elbows, pulling the simulator to the chest. While performing the exercise, you should keep the most equal, stable position of the body, transferring the main load to the muscles of the hands.

What is a bodybuilder, if not one of the mosteffective simulators for training triceps? To pump this area, it is necessary to grab the crossbar of the simulator with both hands on the width of the shoulders, then gently lower your arms along the trunk, then slowly raise to the level of the chest.

Exercises for the buttocks

The most rapid, noticeable effect can besit-ups with bodibar. Exercise with the simulator requires taking the correct position, in which the feet are set to the width of the shoulders. At the same time, the body-restrained bodybuilder is placed on the shoulders. In this position rhythmic, deep squats are performed with a maximally even back and some inclination of the body forward.

sit-ups with bodibar

Often for training buttocks with a bodyso-called attacks are used, in which the feet are joined together, and the simulator is held on the shoulders by hands on the edges. In this position, alternate attacks are made by the left and right legs. In this case, the angle of bending of the knees should be approximately at the level of 90about.

Exercises for the abs

To train the muscles, the press must be keptbodibar in the hands, having got a crossbeam for a head. From the reclining position, the body tends to break away as far as the bent knees. Then the case is moved to its original position. To somewhat complicate the workout of the press with the bodybar and give the muscles an additional load, it is necessary to perform all the same actions, tearing off the feet from the ground for about 45about.

Exercises for the feet

As you know, to bring the muscles of the legs into tonus helps squats. Their implementation with bodibar as an aggravation can significantly increase the results of training.

The use of bodibar when doing sit-upsIt makes it possible to use femoral muscles, which are problematic enough to pump. To do this, you must take a lying position by moving the body to one side. On the leg, which was on top, the bodybuilder is stacked. While holding the trainer by hand, it is necessary to raise your leg up, straining your hamstrings and trying not to bend your knees.


Bodybar - what is it? Such a simulator, as a body-builder, is an ideal tool for performing resistance training. The sports shell makes it possible not only to increase the strength of the muscles, but also to develop dexterity, endurance, coordination. Regularly performing exercises with bodibar, you can quickly improve posture, bring the muscles into tonus, lose excess pounds.

At present, there is a huge complex of exercises using bodybuilding. Therefore, before proceeding to specific activities, it is necessary to determine the purpose of training.

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